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National Commonly Used Certificates Inquiry Website Highlights

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Ministry of Industry into the network license
Inquiry Address:
IPv6 Ready certification
Inquiry address:
SDN protocol conformance authentication
Inquiry address:
Ministry of Public Security Information Security Products Sales License
Certificate full name: computer information system security product sales license
Inquiry address:
National Information Security Product Certification
Inquiry address:
Information technology equipment products mandatory certification
Inquiry address:
National Secrecy Bureau secret product certification
Inquiry address:
Safety product EAL level certification
Inquiry address:
Military information security product certification
The certificate by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Information Security Evaluation and Certification Center issued a query Tel: 010-67633733
Trusted cloud certification
Inquiry address:
Coal safety certification
The full name is the national standard for safety products
Inquiry URL:
Energy saving and environmental protection product list query
search website:
Energy saving logo, http: //
Environmental logo, http: //
National Radio Regulatory Commission certification
Wireless Approval Notice Website:
Wi-Fi Alliance product certification
Query URL:

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