STS testing group

                        Shenzhen STS Test Services Co., Ltd. (STS) is located in Shenzhen Baoan Fuyong Chongqing Lu Zhuo Ke Science and Technology Park, is a major engaged in product electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC), radio frequency test (RF), specific absorption test ( SAR), safety, battery, Bluetooth (BQB), hazardous substances and finished product analysis and testing (such as RoHS) and environmental reliability testing of professional third-party testing organizations.

STS currently has a complete range of safety, EMC, RF, SAR, battery, bqb and other testing equipment, the laboratory is in strict accordance with ISO / IEC17025, ISO Guide 25 and EN 45001 international laboratory management organization established, and follow the " Scientific, accurate and efficient "quality policy," quality first, the intention of service "for the purpose of service, based in China, the world of service.

STS is a third party testing laboratory for CNAS L7649. It has been approved by many international certification bodies, including Germany EMCC / TUV / Phoenix, FCC / UL / TIMCO, etc., and is closely related to the Chinese government inspection and quarantine institutions Cooperation, including the Shenzhen Metrology Quality Inspection Research Institute, Shenzhen Electronic Product Testing Center, Shenzhen Quality and Technical Supervision, Beijing three, China Quality Certification Center.

We have a group of experienced test engineers and excellent and professional sales force, can provide you with certification services consulting, standard technical support, design and development assistance, component procurement services, test system construction, equipment procurement, product testing, countermeasures and rectification and Factory review, international certification and other "one-stop" service, will ensure that you use the shortest possible time, the most reasonable cost, smooth access to the global market!

★ Our commitment: quality first, hard service, professional fast!

★ our advantages:

Professional: The laboratory is strictly in accordance with ISO / IEC17025 international laboratory management system operation, all testing and certification operations are in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) product standards and internationally recognized operating practices;

Fast: within one day of audit information, within three days to complete the pre-test, within a week can take the certificate, and to help customers complete the collection of materials and components, finishing and sample countermeasures to modify;

Affordable: as far as possible in the factory nearest qualified laboratory, the test time is shorter, lower cost;

Author: The laboratory has been recognized by many international certification bodies, including: Germany TUV, the United States UL / FCC / TIMCO, STS issued by the certificate is your guarantee of confidence;

Thoughtful: can provide you with standard advice, component selection, application for document production, product testing, factory review, rectification and certification and other "one-stop" services.

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