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Taiwan certification articles - CCCC certification

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Introduction to NCC Certification
       NCC is the short name of the Taiwan Communications Communications Commission (The National Communications Commission), mainly in the Taiwan market circulation and use of communications and information equipment. NCC provides that all telecommunications terminal equipment, low-power RF motor and telecommunications control RF equipment have to be recognized in the form before they can be sold in the market.
NCC certified product range
1, the operating frequency of 9kHz to 300GHz low-power RF motor
2, the public exchange of telephone network equipment (PSTN) products
3, land mobile communications network equipment (PLMN) products
NCC certification preparation information
1. Company registration certificate
2. Telecommunications control RF equipment business license
3. Traditional manual (the application can be tentatively written in English manual)
4. Specification data
5. Circuit diagram
6. Antenna specifications - (2G, 3G, 4G)
7. Antenna specifications (NFC, BT, WIFI, etc.)
8. Antenna specifications - Antenna gain
9. Maximum operating frequency

10. Each component certificate and specification

Taiwan BSMI certification and NCC certification basic information comparison


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