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U.S. (DOE) issued new regulations for Rechargeable Battery

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On June 13, 2016, the U.S. energy department (DOE) issued the laws and regulations of the efficiency for battery charger EERE-2008-BT-STD-0005-0256, and it aim to control battery charger for consumer products including battery chargers that are embedded in the end product, such as mobile phones and digital cameras. This regulation has taken effect from August 12, 2016 and enforced on June 13, 2018. It means that most of products with rechargeable batteries must meet the requirements of DOE battery charger before entering the U.S. market from June 13, 2018.

Compared with the current CEC battery charger (BCS) regulation, the new regulations have detailed product classification more precisely. For example, besides the capacity of the battery, it would classify the products more precisely according to voltage of the battery. There are seven product categories from PC1 to PC7. Moreover, the new regulations use a new calculation method of annual power consumption UEC for the limited value. 

Detailed product classification and corresponding limit requirements are as below:

DOE battery charger regulation website link: 

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