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How to identify the authenticity of the CCC certification mark?

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What is CCC certification?

      CCC certification is called "mandatory product certification system", it is the Chinese government to protect the personal safety of consumers and national security, strengthen product quality management, in accordance with laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system.
What about CCC certification?
      A product to go through the CCC certification must go through three customs: through the national laboratory testing, through the China Quality Certification Center auditors to the factory for field inspection, the production of quality management system must meet the international standards of ISO9001 management. Because of the strict access threshold, led to part of the "CCC" signs fraud appears.
"CCC" fake Han performance?
      There are three main situations: First, the manufacturers did not apply for safety certification at the factory, but illegally printed illegally printed on the counterfeit; Second, some manufacturers to add "CCC" mark does not attach importance to the purchase of the batch of "CCC "Logo to the business, businesses on behalf of the different specifications of the" CCC "logo arbitrary confusion. Third, some special types of plug socket products are not mandatory certification of the list, but privately affixed with a mandatory certification of the "CCC" logo.
How do I identify CCC certification?
      Identify "CCC" true and false, must keep in mind the four: CCC logo white floor, black pattern, CCC logo has a strong paste, CCC logo is the laser anti-counterfeit labels, "CCC" on the right side of the "S, EMC, S & E" under the firefly was dark red, look at the "CCC" graphics can also find a number of small "CCC" Look at the random number, which is the most difficult place to fake the CCC logo. Each mandatory product certification mark has a unique code, the certification standard issuer in the issuance of the logo, the code has been the corresponding product input to the computer database, the consumer through the National Commission on the website of the mandatory products Certification mark security check system to query the code.

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