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CE Certification

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What is CE certification?

CE certification, which is limited to the product does not endanger the basic safety requirements of human, animal and cargo safety aspects, rather than the general quality requirements, coordination instructions only specify the main requirements, the general instructions require the standard task. So the exact meaning is: CE mark is a safety qualification mark rather than a quality certification mark. Is the "main requirement" that forms the core of the European directive.
The "CE" mark is a safety certification mark that is considered a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. CE stands for European Unification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE).
In the EU market, the "CE" mark is a mandatory certification mark, whether it is the products produced by enterprises within the EU, or other countries to produce products, in order to free circulation in the EU market, it must be affixed "CE" logo to indicate the product In line with the EU "technical coordination and standardization of new methods" directive of the basic requirements. This is a mandatory requirement by the EU law for the product.

CE certification mark

CE certification authority

(A) The Declaration of conformity / Declaration of compliance issued by the enterprise, which is a self-declaration and should not be issued by a third party (intermediary or test certification body) and, therefore, Enterprise "Declaration of Conformity" instead.
(B) Certificate of compliance / Certificate of compliance A certificate of conformity issued by a third party testing organization (such as Depp is a testimony) must be accompanied by a technical report TCF such as a test report. Sign the Declaration of Conformity.
(C) EC Attestation of conformity "EU Certificate of Conformity", which is a certificate issued by the European Notification Body (NB), and only NB is eligible to issue EC Type CE declarations in accordance with EU regulations.
CE certification mode

In general, CE authentication mode can be divided into the following nine basic modes: Module A: internal production control
Mode A: Internal Production Control (self declaration) Module Aa: intervention of a Notified Body
Mode Aa: internal production control, plus the third party detection Module B: EC type-examination
Mode B: EC Type Test Communication Product CE Certification Module C: conformity to type
Mode C: conformance type Module D: production quality assurance
Mode D: Production Quality Assurance Module E: product quality assurance
Mode E: Product Quality Assurance Module F: product verification
Mode F: Product Verification Module G: unit verification
Mode G: Unit Verification Module H: full quality assurance
Mode H: Total quality assurance is based on the different combinations of the above basic models and may be derived from several other different models. In general, not any model can be applied to all products. In other words, it is not the manufacturer who can choose any of the above models to CE certification of their products.
Self-declaration model or must be passed through a third-party testing agency Risk level Low (Minimal Risk) The EU product directive allows manufacturers of products of certain categories of risk level to be selected (Minimal Risk) Mode A: "internal production control (self declaration)" way to CE certification. Products with higher risk levels must be intervened by a third party certification body NB (Notified Body). For products with a higher risk level, the manufacturer must select a model other than Mode A, or Mode A plus other modes to achieve CE certification. In other words, must be through the third party testing agency NB (Notified Body) involved.
CE certification required to provide information

A. The name, trade name, and address of the manufacturer (EU Authorized Representative (EU Authorized Agent) AR).
B. The model number of the product.
C. Product manual.
D. Safety design document (key structure diagram, that can reflect the climb distance, gap, the number of layers and thickness of the design).
Product technical conditions (or enterprise standards).
Product schematic diagram.
Product line diagram.
H. Key components or raw material list.
I. Test Report.
J. The relevant certificate issued by the EU Authorized Certification Authority NB (for other models other than Mode A).
K. Product registration certificate in the EU (for some products such as: Class I medical equipment, general IVD in vitro diagnostic medical equipment).
L. CE Declaration of Conformity (DOC).
CE certified product type

1, power CE certification: communication power, switching power supply, charger, monitor power, LED power supply, LCD power supply, uninterruptible power supply UPS;
LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, water lights, lights, lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lamps, energy - saving lamps, T8 lamps, etc.
3, home appliances CE certification: fans, kettle, audio, television, mouse, vacuum cleaners, etc .;
4, electronic CE certification: earplugs, routers, cell phone batteries, laser pens, vibration rods, etc .;
5, communication products CE certification: telephone, cable telephone wireless main and auxiliary machines, fax machines, telephone answering machine, data machine, data interface cards and other communications products.
6, wireless product CE certification: Bluetooth BT products, tablet PCs, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless reader, wireless transceiver, wireless walkie-talkie, wireless microphone, remote control, wireless network devices, wireless video transmission system and other low Power wireless products;
7, wireless communications products CE certification: 2G mobile phones, 3G mobile phones, 3.5G mobile phones, DECT mobile phone (1.8G, 1.9G band), wireless walkie-talkie;
8, machinery CE certification: gasoline engine, welding machine, CNC drilling machine, tool grinder, lawn mower, washing equipment, bulldozers, lifts, drilling machines, dishwashers, water treatment equipment, petrol welder, printing machinery, woodworking machinery Drilling machine, cutting machine, roller, smoothing machine, cutting machine, hair straightener, food machinery, lawn machine, etc .;
9, CE certification of medical equipment.
The need to apply for CE certification

CE certification, for the national products in the European market trade provides a unified technical specifications, simplifying the trade process. Any country's products to enter the EU, the European Free Trade Area must be CE certification, CE mark on the product affixed. Therefore, CE certification is the product into the EU and the European trade free zone national market pass.
CE certification means that the product has reached the EU directive requirements of the security requirements; is a business to consumers a commitment to increase the degree of consumer confidence in the product; with CE mark the product will reduce the risk of sales in the European market. These risks include:
The risk of being detained and investigated by the Customs;
The risk of being investigated and dealt with by the market supervision organ;
Be accompanied by allegations for competitive purposes.
The benefits of applying for CE certification

1. The EU's laws, regulations and harmonization standards are not only a large number, but also very complex, so it is a wise move to achieve the help of the EU's designated agencies as a time-saving, effort and risk reduction;
2. Obtain the CE certification by the designated authority of the European Union to maximize the trust of consumers and market supervisors;
3. The effective prevention of irresponsible accusations;
4. In the face of litigation, the EU designated agency CE certification certificate, will become a legal effect of the technical evidence.
Shenzhen CE certification agency

DePuhua testing (STS) as a professional authority of the third party testing agencies and CE certification agency, not only has an independent laboratory and a group of experienced CE certification engineers, but also for our customers to provide a full range of CE certification test Services, the company signed a mutual agreement with a number of countries, and issued by the report (or certificate), in line with EU test standards, to eliminate your product exports to the EU trade barriers. If you have the relevant CE certification test requirements, please call us 400-1800-162, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company.
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