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Interpretation of Taobao CCC certification requirements

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Is there any doubt about the business of doing business:
1, Taobao when to start CCC certification?
2, enterprises do CCC certification must meet what conditions?
3, with the Taobao fake crackdown to strengthen the shop's 3C certification is strictly required to implement, then Taobao CCC certification how to do?

      With the increasingly strict network regulation, Taobao, Lynx also opened a strict monitoring of the mall goods, resulting in a lot of businesses have been very much concerned about Taobao CCC certification this thing.
Let Xiaobian tell you how to do business CCC certification must meet a few conditions:
First: the need for company business license;
Second: the company produced products must comply with CCC certified mandatory product list;
Third: the company needs to have its own plant;
Fourth: the company has the relevant documents, production environment, warehouse management and so important documents.
Taobao from when to start CCC certification?
1, from August 4 last year, the platform will continue to force the goods in the release or editing fill in the 3c certificate number, that is, if your goods within the scope of 3c control, when you new or edit the goods, you need to fill out the goods 3c certification number, after passing the goods to be published successfully.
2, from August 8 last year, the platform will continue to CCC within the scope of the control did not fill in the 3c certificate number of goods to do the next frame.

In June 1, 2016, Taobao has announced the full start of the "little door god" plan.

      CCC certification, also known as the national mandatory product certification, more information can be concerned about the same industry and industrial production license certification, are the state to protect the health and safety of individuals to take the mandatory means of certification.
       With the data support, Taobao as a trading platform, falling into the national compulsory certification of high-risk goods in real-time monitoring: through the front control program "small door god", Taobao require businesses in the new or editing online products must provide CCC certification, Industrial production license certification and other ID number, while the massive online goods to conduct a rigorous investigation, requiring illegal business as soon as possible to upload certification qualifications, and the opening of the machine, artificial two audit procedures, with reference to the CCC certification information database and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Product production license QS database for comparison, audit.


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