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Differences and Similarities of SAR Requirements between American FCC and Canadian IC Certification

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      SAR is the abbreviation of Specific Absorption Rate. Chinese is usually called a special absorption rate. It measures how much energy is absorbed by the mass of the human body in watts per kilogram (W / Kg). Electronic communications products to enter the US and Canadian markets, must meet the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) and IC (Canadian Industry Council) their respective SAR requirements. Because both Canada and the United States are in North America, ICs have a lot of similarities with the FCC in SAR regulations, and there are some minor differences, and this article will make a brief comparison of both.

     First, let's take a look at the same place. Limits, there is no difference between the two, IC is adopted Health Canada Code 6, and FCC is ANSI C95.1, the two limit requirements are as follows:

     In the SAR evaluation process, the Canadian IC mainly refers to the latest version of IEEE 1528 and IEC 62209, while IEC 62209 is not included in the FCC reference.
      In the test method, IC and FCC also have many similarities, or even directly using the FCC's KDB file as a test program, IC direct reference to the FCC's KDB file as shown in the following table:

      But it should be noted that in addition to the list of the first KDB file above, that is, with multi-launch antenna function phone, from the 2nd to the 7th KDB files are only in the current international standards have not yet tested such products SAR Include the transitional test program before entering. Also for the fifth KDB, the IC has its attached file, which increases the SAR test requirements for such products to nearby people outside the user.
    In the standard values of the calibration of the test system, the IC is primarily used in the requirements of IEEE 1528 and IEC 62209, and according to the FCC's KDB 450824 document, the SAR value calibrated by the system shall be the value provided by the manufacturer, but this value is provided by the IEEE 1528 The value of the error must be kept within 10%.
      In terms of certification, IC requirements must submit a copy of the RF Exposure Technical Brief document, the document gives the home page form, the table details the basic information of the test, the document contains the specific content and FCC's OET65SupplementC in Appendix B requirements are basically the same, But the IC is required to give the electrical characteristics of the three channels of the human body fluid in each frequency band, and the FCC's OET65 only requires the electrical characteristics of the channel in the frequency band. The electrical characteristic parameter refers to the conductivity and Dielectric constant.
      Here we only briefly describe the IC and FCC SAR test requirements comparison.

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