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The latest version of IEC 62133 was released on February 7, 2017

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      According to the latest news of the official website of IEC, the latest version of IEC 62133 was released on February 7, 2017. IEC 62133 by the IEC / SC21A centralized, specifically by the WG4 responsible for the development of the first edition published in 2002, the second edition released in 2012.

Compared with the 2012 version, IEC 62133-3 the latest version of the following differences:
1. The standard is divided into two parts: nickel batteries and lithium batteries (the first part is not nickel batteries, the second part of the lithium battery);
2. Incorporating a button-type battery into this standard (the previous version does not include a button-type battery);
3. Updated 5.6 assembly of battery packs;
4. Add mechanical tests (vibration, shock);

5. Add IEC TR 62914 as a reference.

The text reads as follows:

(Figure: IEC 62133-1)

(Figure: IEC 62133-2)

◆ IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission (one of the world's three major international standardization organizations), International Electrotechnical Commission
◆ China is one of the main members of the IEC and is also a member of the SC21A. It is also a member of the SC21A.
◆ WG4: battery and battery pack safety and mechanical working group, safety and mechanical tests on secondary cells and batteries
◆ IEC 62133: "Alkaline or other non-acidic electrolyte batteries and battery packs Portable sealed batteries and battery pack safety requirements"
IEC IEC: IEC Electromechanical Equipment Qualification Testing and Certification System, IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment
◆ IECEE-CB: IECEE electrical product test certificate mutual recognition system, Scheme of the IECEE for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electrical Equipment

      IEC 62133 is the world's most important international standards for lithium-ion batteries, IECEE-CB certification is also an important basis. At present, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India and other countries have adopted IEC 62133, respectively, to develop their own national standards, these standards have become an important basis for market access in these countries


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