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★ STS Bluetooth Labs
STS was tested at the end of 2016 to create a Bluetooth product testing laboratory .

What is Bluetooth BQB certification?
Bluetooth certification is BQB certification, in short, if your product has a Bluetooth function and the appearance of the product to indicate the Bluetooth logo, must be called by a BQB certification. All Bluetooth SIG member companies can use the Bluetooth logo and logo after completing the certification. The Bluetooth logo and logo are only available for products that pass the Bluetooth qualification process.
With the continuous development and evolution of Bluetooth technology, we can see the Bluetooth trademark has also undergone an important change. Bluetooth logo background changed from dark blue to bright blue. As well as the new slogan beyond the imagination of the connection "unthinkably connected", meaning that Bluetooth to help people and the establishment of the link between technology will go beyond imagination, which means "new blue" no doubt will make our lives get better!

It is important to note that another significant change in the Bluetooth brand is the discontinuation of the Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready trademarks.

The Bluetooth text mark is also a trademark, but its font is unchangeable and can not be translated into any other language. The following are available for the Bluetooth text markings:
English (Bluetooth)
Simplified Chinese (Bluetooth)
Traditional Chinese (Bluetooth)
Japanese translation (ブ ル ー ト ー ー)
Korean translation (블루 투스)
The trademark of the Bluetooth, whether in any form, must be added to the footnotes of its trademarks -
"The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by [licensee name] is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners." Footnote Font Size No special provisions, but to ensure that clearly visible.
Who can use the Bluetooth brand?
Use the conditions of the Bluetooth brand
1, the company must become a Bluetooth SIG member to use the Bluetooth brand.
2, the member company to use the Bluetooth brand products are properly qualified and comply with the Bluetooth license agreement, must be through the Bluetooth SIG management of online tools to complete the qualification and declaration process.
The online tools under Bluetooth SIG management complete the qualification and declaration process.

Bluetooth SIG members use the rights of Bluetooth brand products
Use Bluetooth technology in products and services;
Use the Bluetooth brand in products and services;
OEM or resell products using Bluetooth technology.
Bluetooth BQB certification process

What information is required to apply for Bluetooth BQB certification?
1. Bluetooth certification application form (product of the basic information)
2. ICS / PIXIT (used to confirm the scope of the test)
3. Authorization letter / NDA (confidentiality agreement) _EPL will be used when.
4. DoC / SDoC (vendor statement) _listing will provide documents required to sign
5. Technical documents:
User Manual
Block Diagram
PCB Layout
Product Spec.
Antenna Spec. (Antenna pattern included)
Brief Product Desription (one hundred words or less)
Sample requirements
A total of two prototype, one of which leads to the radio frequency line, and can enter the test mode; another one can work properly, two sets of accessories.
Test cycle 2 weeks, report review plus 1 week.
Bluetooth Test Labs - STS Testing
STS testing from the end of 2016 to build Bluetooth test laboratory, will be fully operational in 2017, we can do Bluetooth testing for enterprise Bluetooth products, and to help apply for Bluetooth bqb certification registration service, For more information on Bluetooth BQB certification, Please call 400-1800-162 consultation customer service.

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