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Lighting CCC certification, CQC certification of the new certification rules introduced

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First, the mandatory certification (CCC certification)
      January 01, 2017, CQC will use the new version of the standard implementation of certification and issued a new version of the standard certification, no longer issued the old standard certification.
      For products that have been certified by the old standard, the old standard certificate holder shall submit to the CQC an application for the conversion of the new standard certificate before the date of the issuance of this notice, The old standard certificate conversion work will be completed by December 31, 2017, and overdue completion, CQC will suspend the old standard certificate. 2031 years after March 31 has not yet completed the conversion of the certificate, CQC will revoke the old standard certificate.
      For license products that have been shipped to the market before January 01, 2017 and are no longer available, no certificate conversion is required.
Second, voluntary safety certification (CQC logo certification)
      (CQC12-465313-2016) and 36V and below the lighting safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification rules (CQC11-465314-2016) was in December 30, 2106 implementation of the version of the rules for the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of lamps and lanterns 010001 (lighting fixtures for road and street lighting), 010006 (cast light), 010007 (lamps for swimming pools and similar places), 010001 (lighting fixtures) 010010 (lamp and lamp), 010010 (lamp), 010011 (stage lighting, 010011), 010011 (stage, TV, film, photography (indoor and outdoor) lamps), 010012 (lamps for hospitals and rehabilitation buildings) With power rail system), 010014 (fixed lamp below 36V), 010015 (36V following movable fixtures) and 010016 (36V following embedded lamps).
1, the two rules to amend the main content:
(1) certification based on standard changes: GB7000.1-2007 change to GB7000.1-2015;
(2) Delete Annex 3 (CQC12-465313-2016 only) (CQC12-465313-2016).
2, the implementation of the new rules require
(1) from the date of the announcement, the applicant should apply for certification under the new rules, CQC issued a new version of the certificate for its certification.
(2) For certificates issued under the CQC12-465313-2010 and CQC11-465314-2009 certification rules, the certificate of the new rules may be completed within one year from the date of entry into force of this new edition. Overdue completion of the conversion certificate, CQC will be revoked the old version of the certificate.


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