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MAC address of the purchase method and cost

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      At present, the MAC address can only be purchased directly from the United States through the IEEE Standards Association (which can be purchased from the United States), MA-L (which can generate about 16 million addresses) according to the number, MA-M ( Can generate about 1 million addresses) and MA-S (can generate 4096 addresses). Take MA-L as an example, the price is as follows:

      If there is no confidentiality requirement, you can get a MA-L for $ 2,755, which means that the name and address of such company are public and the public can visit Web / pub / view.html # registries Download the query. If the manufacturer wishes to keep the above information confidential, you can choose Privately registered MA-L at $ 5,725 and pay $ 3,070 per year for confidentiality.

      For more information, please visit

      To purchase, click the log in or create an account in the first section of the page form, create a company account as required, fill in the company information, select the payment method, and finally submit the order online. After the order is successfully submitted, an Invoice will be generated in the account. When the US receives the payment, the system will generate a Cover Letter (which will include MA-L). In view of the fact that some companies have no need for MAC address , So you can not choose MA-L, but buy MA-M or MA-S. For more information, please visit and The purchase process is the same as MA-L, and you can submit your application online and pay.
      If you are too troublesome or have any other questions, please call DePuhua testing customer service consultant 15338845025 (Penny) on behalf of the handle.


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