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National Certification Committee to adjust the vehicle mandatory product certification system CCC certification will be more convenient science

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      From the official website of the State Commission of Accreditation, we have learned that, in order to further improve the quality supervision of the automobile products and provide convenient, effective and scientific certification testing services for the further service supply side, the State Commission has issued the " (Hereinafter referred to as the "Announcement"), the vehicle compulsory product certification system (hereinafter referred to as CCC certification) were adjusted, the relevant requirements are as follows:
      Announcement requirements, and further in the field of automotive-related products to promote the use of production enterprises to detect the use of resources, published in 2013, "production enterprises testing resources and other certification results of the use of" certification on the basis of compliance with relevant laws and regulations and to ensure that test data And the results of the consistency of the premise, the letter of production enterprises to test the test results, to further reduce the burden on enterprises, the release of dividends.
      To further enhance the efficiency of certification, shorten the product into the market cycle, the announcement, with reference to the international motor vehicle certification management practices, to ensure the effective implementation of the technical requirements under the premise of the certification process gradually introduced design authentication certification model; Product planning and design stage to participate in the standard compliance evaluation, reduce product safety risks and technology development costs, improve the efficiency of certification.
      To further simplify the certification process, shorten the certification time limit. Announcement, to be combined with the implementation of product risk management and enterprise classification management, has been made similar products CCC certificate of the car manufacturers, in the same group, the factory relocation or the establishment of new production sites, such as corporate statements in line with relevant laws and regulations to ensure Quality management system is sound, the product meets the standards and regulatory requirements, the designated certification body can pilot "first certification after the trial factory", the factory inspection within 3 months after the completion of the certificate.
      The "Notice on the Measures for the Adjustment of the Procedures for the Exemption of Mandatory Product Certification Testing Procedures", the relevant provisions on the inspection and processing procedures for special-purpose imported automobiles, motorcycles and motorcycles, and the announcement that it should be adjusted to include it as a bicycle CCC certification Product certification; mandatory vehicles, motorcycles, motorcycle engine product certification implementation rules to adjust the relevant content; the relevant entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau no longer accept the car, motorcycle, motorcycle engine special testing and processing procedures, has been accepted Of the application should be completed before June 30, 2017; other products with the implementation of the implementation of the rules and regulations gradually incorporated by the State Commission issued by the relevant public notice.
      Announcement proposed to further improve the certification rules to promote parallel imports of cars. Designated certification body in the certification process may be appropriate to release the original model or the original type of vehicle model certification requirements, the approval of the model to expand to all parallel import models. For the original non-real-time retrofitting enterprises required in the announcement of No. 31 in 2014, the enterprise shall be required to provide the original license to change the order in accordance with the rules before December 31, 2016, and give a one-year transition period. Recently obtained the original license or through parallel import certification, complete the certificate conversion, overdue will be suspended until the revocation.
      In order to further increase the designated institutions and create a favorable market competition atmosphere, the announcement put forward to cancel the existing motor vehicle product certification geographical restrictions, will assume the automobile, motorcycle, motorcycle engine special inspection and processing procedures and CCC production site and port sampling testing technology institutions all press CCC routine management requirements are required. To further increase the design of automotive products certification body.
      It is necessary to make full use of the existing data resources of the designated institutions, establish and improve the unified CCC certification vehicle coherence information public management service platform, and further improve the car CCC certified vehicle consistency certificate content, reflecting the unity of information sources and authority, Strengthen the interconnection of regulatory information, strengthen the system convergence and cooperation, and promote the CCC certification information sharing and the results of the letter.
      Announcement finally put forward to further improve the supervision after the certification, to strengthen the ex post facto supervision. Local certification and accreditation supervision and management departments, designated certification, testing institutions to further implement the dual random sampling requirements, increase the proportion of certified products market sampling, strengthen the coordination of supervision, precision supervision, co-governance supervision, improve the way of special supervision to enhance the certification results The credibility and effectiveness.
      It is understood that, in accordance with the requirements of the announcement, the vehicle mandatory product certification system for relevant adjustments will significantly reduce the cost of enterprises to guide enterprises to speed up the development of things networking, green, new energy vehicles and other new products, cultivate parallel imports of cars and other new formats, Automobile industry supply level, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry, help "Made in China 2025" will play a positive role in promoting.


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