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March 2017 EU new EMC standard EN55032 will be enforced

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      The new EMC standard EN 55032 will be enforced on March 5, 2017, formally replacing EN 55013 (Audio and Video Equipment (AV) EMC standards) and EN 55022 (Traditional Information Technology Equipment (ITE) EMC standards).
      EN 55032 Background:
      Today's multimedia devices, both from the technical configuration point of view, or from the use of functional point of view, are presented a comprehensive trend, can not be classified as a simple information technology equipment or audio and video equipment. Therefore, in the product testing, usually need to consider the EN 55013 and EN 55022 two standards. In this context, the EN 55032 standard came into being.

      EN 55032 Scope of application:

      EN 55032 standard for AC or DC rated voltage of not more than 600V of multimedia equipment, and multimedia equipment is information technology equipment, audio equipment, video equipment, broadcast receiving equipment, entertainment lights control equipment or a combination of the above equipment. Products that are within the scope of EN 55013 and EN 55022 are also within the scope of EN 55032. The main use of professional use of multimedia equipment is also within the scope of this standard.
This standard does not apply to tests that require the installation site.

EN 55032 Differences from EN 55013 and EN 55022:

1, cancel the EN 55013 in the harassment power and radiation power test;
2, for wide voltage products, the general test two voltage 230V (± 10V) and 110V (± 10V), the use of 50Hz or 60Hz frequency;
3, for the display, the PC needs to play with a moving element of the color bar signal;
4, for the broadcast receiver tuner port, requires testing the asymmetric mode conduction.

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