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Malaysia SIRIM certification

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With the development of trade, the safety and quality requirements of buyers and consumers are increasing. The government of Malaysia stipulates that suppliers should apply for product certification if they are shipped to Malaysia on a regular basis. In 1998, the new communication and multimedia law (Communications and Multimedia Act 1998) was promulgated, which made detailed specifications for the access conditions of telecom service and communication market in Malaysia.
At the same time, the new telecommunications regulatory agency, the Malaysia communications and multimedia Committee (Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission, called CMC), was also born.
According to the "communication and multimedia law", the delivery market of communication equipment needs to apply to CMC or the certification authority designated by CMC to carry out type certification and obtain equipment certification and certification marks.
The type authentication of communication devices is responsible for the specific certification matters under the SIRIM Communication Equipment Testing Section (CETS).
SIRIM is the only certification authority in Malaysia. Electronic products entering Malaysia need to apply for SIRIM certification. In principle, the applicant should be a local institution in Malaysia. The application and management of SIRIM certification is specifically responsible for SIRIM QAS International, and the institution issued SIRIM certificate.

The content covered by 1. authentication

Electrical safety;
Electromagnetic compatibility, frequency below 30kHz, 26kHz to 1300 MHz, more than 1000 MHz.
The synergy of telecommunication network includes public switched network, cellular telephone network, data communication network and communication software.
Wireless communication, frequency below 30kHz, 26kHz to 1300 MHz, more than 1000 MHz.
Optical communication;
Cable and its accessories.

2. authentication content

The type authentication content for the situation report assessment, laboratory test, field test, such as equipment for exhibiting demonstration, and so on, can apply to the communication and multimedia Committee CMC, and obtain the special certificate by the assessment directly through the written report.
Recently, SIRIM has amended some of its terms in its certification process. The main amendments are as follows:
The 1. SIRIM certificate must be reviewed once a year, and the longest period is 5 years.
2. corresponds to the first one is the submission of the test report, and now only accepts the qualification laboratory test report that the date of issuance is not more than five years.
The equipment that has been approved by SIRIM for more than 5 years, if it still needs to be sold in the Malaysia market, must be returned to the laboratory for testing and resubmitted to the SIRIM application, and the original SIRIM certificate will be expired;
In the process of SIRIM authentication in Malaysia, the product test can be completed through the laboratory, and it can be converted to SIRIM by submitting CB reports and certificates. In this case, it is generally not required to submit sample tests again, but sometimes SIRIM will also require customers to send samples to check the original report. The consistency between the sample and the sample.

3.SIRIM certification mark:
After the type approval is passed, the device manufacturer can get the certificate issued by SIRIM, and attach the SIRIM certification mark on the communication device.

Malaysia SIRIM certification agency

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