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Singapore PSB Certification

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Introduction to Singapore PSB Certification

PSB certification is Singapore mandatory safety certification, but the electromagnetic compatibility part is not required, PSB security logo certificate issued by the Singapore Product Standards Bureau. Singapore to protect consumers (safety specifications) registration program requirements for electrical products to be forced to apply for PSB certification, the product into Singapore before the tax must be in Singapore, the company line number as the application of PSB holders. Products in the PSB certification before they can enter the Singapore sales.

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PSB certification features

1, the certificate holder for the Singapore local company line number, no factory inspection and annual fee;
2, certificate valid period: three years;
3, if the product Plug, SS246 test certification report required;
4, product certification without "series" application (each certificate can only cover a single model).
PSB certification data preparation

1, security test
• CB certificate and test report valid for three years (English only)
• All reports issued by the PSB
• Reports issued by independent laboratories recognized by the Singapore laboratory filing system
2, the other part of the document
• The test reports mentioned above
• Application letter PSB (only accept a single model to replace the series model, do not attach to similar features)
• If the safety part is different from the CB test report, it must be listed again
• Line diagram and part material table (BOM)
• Architecture / drawings and parts tables (gas only)
▪ English manual ▪ Original label or color photo or clearly visible black and white photo (do not accept black and white photocopies)
▪ Three color visions (stencil sticker voltage specifications main plug, etc.) and internal (important safety parts) photo files
3, other information
▪ The name, address and contact details of the importer or agent in Singapore

PSB certification process

First, the enterprise application: should be 3 months before the formal audit, enterprises need to fill out the "PSB certification application form", "ISO / TS16949: 2002 pre-assessment list", according to the latter to submit the required documents, submitted to the audit time;
Second, offer;
Third, the contract; PSB may recommend the company in the formal audit before 1 month to do pre-trial (the cost of formal review of 20-30%), companies are free to choose whether to do pre-trial;
Fourth, the trial: the application submitted by the enterprise materials and documents for review;
Fifth, on-site audit;
Sixth, the on-site audit of the non-compliance to take corrective / preventive measures;
Seven, issued a certificate: Under normal circumstances, the enterprise can be completed within 1 to 1.5 months after the rectification of the certificate.
PSB certification factory inspection

No factory inspection required
PSB certification cycle

Routine for 4-6 weeks, can be expedited, urgent need to pay another fee.
Shenzhen PSB certification agency

DePuhua testing (STS) as a professional authority of the third party testing agencies and PSB certification agency, not only has an independent laboratory and a group of experienced PSB certified engineers, but also for our customers to provide a full range of PSB certification services , The company signed a mutual agreement with a number of countries, and issued by the report (or certificate), in line with the Singapore test standards, to eliminate your product export trade barriers. If you have relevant PSB certification test requirements, please contact us at 400-1800-162, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company.

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