STS testing group

★ environmental reliability test standards

Environmental Test General:
IEC 60068-1(GB2423.1): General and guidance
cool down:
IEC 60068-2-1:  Cold
high temperature:
IEC 60068-2-2(GB2423.2): Dry heat
IEC 60068-2-27: Shock
Alternating hot and humid (12 + 12 hours cycle):
IEC 60068-2-30(GB2423.4): Damp heat, cyclic (12 h + 12 h cycle)
Salt spray, cycle (sodium chloride solution):
IEC 60068-2(GB2423.18):Salt mist, cyclic (Sodiumchloride solution)
Vibration (sine wave):
IEC 60068-2-6(GB2423.10) Vibration (sinusoidal)
Hammer test:
IEC 60068-2-75(GB2423.55) Hammer tests
Dust and water protection rating test:
IEC 60529(GB4208)   IP

★ environmental reliability product testing standards

LM-79, LM-80, CEC-400-2010-012, Fixtures Eligibility Criteria-Version 4.2, AS/NZS 4782, 4783, 4934, 4879
power supply:
CEC-400-2010-012, EC 278/2009, AS/NZS 4665, GB20943
Home appliances:
AS/NZS 2040 (Washers), 4474 (Refrigerators) 2007( Dishwasers)  2442( Cloth drayers)
Audio and video categories:
Version 5.3 (Television), Version 4.0(Set-top Boxes), AS/NZS62087(Set Top Boxes, Television),

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