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India WPC certification

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Introduction of India WPC certification

The India radio planning and Coordination Bureau has issued the radio equipment form approval certificate for import and sale of India market to India communications department. Wireless products exported to India need to be WPC certified (Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing).

Request for WPC certification in India

1, predict the future in the mainland, so as not to retest the high cost of rectification in India.
2, look for the Advisory Service Agency of India authorities, or send the test to the customers in India.
3, appoint a local representative to support the products in India.
4, submit the information to the India authorities, fill out the certification service application form and other related information.
5, choose a mobile phone test lab, a battery test lab and a charger test laboratory. (must be the India local laboratory authorized by India state telecommunication bureau).
6. The test is completed. The lab submitted the test report to the India state telecommunication bureau, and the India state telecommunication bureau will issue certificates.
7, prepare barcode labels: prepare product barcode labels according to telecommunication regulations, and operate online.
8, prepare the photos inside and outside the prototype, prepare the photos containing tags.
9, provide user manuals for translation (battery and charger models must be specified in the manual).
10. Provide a technical manual for translation.

India WPC authentication application

STS is the domestic third party testing laboratory (CNAS accreditation laboratory), can agent India WPC certification (through CE or FCC RF report turn), if you have this requirement, please call consulting business engineers.


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