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Mobile Equipment IDentifier (MEID) is the world's only 56bit mobile terminal identification number. The identification number will be burned into the terminal and can not be modified. Can be used to identify and track mobile devices. Since the ESN segment is a limited resource, it is essentially exhausted and there may be a small number of recovered segments, so a 56-bit MEID segment is developed to replace the 32-bit ESN segment. MEID is mainly assigned to CDMA handsets.


Specific explanation

IMEI and MEID number in the phone as we live in the same identity card, it is an important basis for identifying mobile phone identity, such as the use of false numbers of mobile phones, network operators at any time by technical means to close the phone in the network operations, This will give the phone users a huge risk of use. The IMEI or MEID segments used in the mobile phone can be legally applied through related agencies such as DePuhua Testing Laboratories.
In addition, MEID application is paid. The current price is $ 8,000 per ME level of MEID, and an additional $ 8,000 for each additional 1M MEID number.

MEID numbers are managed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

MEID number view, there is currently no general method, by the mobile phone manufacturers themselves set. You can view the MEID number by looking at the phone manual.

The MEID is identified by 14 hexadecimal characters, bit 15 is the parity bit, and is not used for overcrowding.
RR: range A0-FF, by official distribution;
XXXXXX: Range 000000-FFFFFF, by official distribution;
ZZZZZZ: range 000000-FFFFFF, the serial number assigned by the manufacturer to each terminal;
C / CD: 0-F, check code.
On the method of modifying the serial code IMEI
This operation is in the computer inside a software help operation can be completed. First of all you have to determine your computer can be used, and then you have to install a computer called "EasyIMEIChanger" small software, and then follow the following steps to follow the steps:
1, to the computer city to choose a suitable for their own mobile phone cable, then plug a PC into the COM port, the other end into the phone charging position.
2, and then select "EasyIMEIChanger" software "selectcomport" item appropriate port.
3, select the appropriate model "SelectModel", the most important is to select "SelectCableType" AutoDet option and "Selectsoftware" NSE-1
4, the most important thing is to enter your favorite 15 digits, then you're done.
About Query Method: Dial Keyboard * # 06 #
Recommended query software imeiquery20110902.apk
Methods for modifying the string MEID: (CDMA series)


1, with the command * # 7284 # command set to modem mode
2, re-plug the data cable
3, open the DFS software, select the port
4, programming
5, MEID: read - fill in data - write
6, restart
7, with the command * # 7284 # command set to PDA mode, connect the computer with ADB command adb shell getprop view the machine MEID and then read the MEID with DFS write into the phone first with DFS to meid into the phone and then connect the computer ADB command adb shell getprop View the machine MEID and then read the MEID DFS write into the phone after writing MEID phone can not call because the ESN followed MEID changed this time to copy the NV data files to the computer with UltraEdit edit the first line Of the four groups of numbers to the ESN anti-written back in the mobile phone EFS directory on the restart on it
8, after writing MEID phone can not call because the ESN with MEID changed this time with 91 mobile assistant, the phone in the EFS directory nv_data.bin data files downloaded to the computer with UltraEdit edit the first line of the four groups of numbers to the ESN Anti-write into, and then save the return of the phone's EFS directory, directly cover on the line. (Copied on the 14th floor)
9, restart

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