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Singapore IMDA certification

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IMDA certification in Singapore

In April 2016, IDA and MDA had been merged, but in October, the Singapore information and Communication Development Administration (IDA) and the Singapore media development administration (MDA) were formally adjusted to the Singapore information and communication media development administration (IMDA) and the Government Technology Bureau (GovTech).

The following updates are available:

1. certificate:
IMDA will update the certificate on the system, but it will not affect the IDA certificate before.
From October, all certificates will be issued by IMDA.

2. on label:
All products that are collected in October 1st must comply with the new label requirements.
The products that can be obtained before October 2016 can continue to use the old label.

The specific update is as follows: from original IDA to IMDA, others remain unchanged.

The new label requirements are as follows:


1. IDA: the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore;
2. MDA: the Media Development Authority of Singapore;
3. IMDA: the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore;
4. GovTech: the Government Technology Agency


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