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Indonesian SDPPI certification

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Indonesian SDPPI certification

The wireless products exported to Indonesia must be passed SDPPI certification and customs inspection.

Indonesia's postal and Telecommunications Administration (DGPT) has since June 2009 forced the ban on Indonesian overseas companies as authorized holders. The safety requirements of low power devices are not mandatory in Indonesia. 2.4 GH and 5GHz radio authentication is mandatory, requiring POSTEL authentication.

Request for SDPPI authentication in Indonesia

To apply for the SDPPI certification in Indonesia, we need to provide the Indonesian local company authorized by an overseas manufacturer as the holder of the certificate. Local companies in Indonesia allow the certificate holders to be local agents, local wholesalers or local brokers. (need to be tested locally in Indonesia).

In order to meet the requirements of the local company as a certificate holder, we need to provide the following documents of the local company. The document must include:
A. act of association copy (Indonesian, "aktapendirian").
A copy of B. tax number (Indonesian, "NPWP")
A copy of C. company registration (Indonesian, "TDP")
A copy of D. import license (Indonesian, "NPIK")

In addition, we need to provide relevant technical information and application forms, and provide information for local agents.


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