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Korea KC Certification

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Korea KC certification profile

In order to make consumers more clearly understand the certification mark on the products purchased, and to reduce the various manufacturers of the burden of certification fees, in July 2009, South Korea's Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) began to implement and adopt the national unity KC Certification mark, called "KC Mark" logo, the new logo on behalf of Korea Certification, and South Korea's current 13 kinds of mandatory signs will eventually be unified to this new logo. One of the results of this initiative is to reduce supplier spending on certification fees, so that South Korea KC Mark has gradually become a world brand certification.

KC certification mark


KC certified product catalog

According to the "Korea Electrical Safety Management Law" provides that since January 1, 2009 from the electrical safety certification is divided into mandatory certification and self-discipline (voluntary) two kinds of certification.
Mandatory certification means that all electronic products belonging to a mandatory product must be certified by KC Mark before they can be sold in the Korean market, and are subject to factory inspection and product sampling tests every year.
Self-discipline (voluntary) certification means that all electronic products belonging to a voluntary product are only required to be tested and do not need to be reviewed by the factory. The certificate is valid for 5 years.
Product Certification Scope: Electrical products with input voltage between 50-1000, according to IECEE classification methods include wire and cable, electrical switches, capacitors and power filters, home insulation transformers, power tools, household appliances, electronic entertainment and information technology Equipment (IT), etc.).
KC certification data preparation

New product application KC certification need to submit the following documents:
1, application;
2, factory survey form;
3, manual;
4, parts list;
5, derived model list;
6, circuit diagram;
7, parts specifications;
8, label;
9, product photos;
10, parts distribution map or photo;
11, the authorized power of attorney;
12, apply for changes;
13, the applicant needs to keep the information;
14, other: record some of the electrical characteristics of the file.
The following explanation:
A, electrical appliances safety certification application (mandatory products), electrical appliances self-regulatory safety confirmation application and electrical appliances self-discipline safety confirmation statement (self-discipline products);
B, a direct impact on the safety of parts list;
C, electrical circuit diagram;
D, transformer detailed specifications (related products);
E, Insulation Catalog (temperature, pressure resistance or flame resistance grade, etc.);
F, product certificate (including Korean product certificate);
G, label;
H, agent authorization documents (mandatory for mandatory products; for self-regulatory products required by the agents required).
KC certification process
KC certified factory inspection

The Korean Safety Act provides for the first factory review of the plant after accepting the application. After the certification of the certificate, the certification body will also carry out an annual annual review of the factory, the main purpose is to see the consistency of the factory's quality control system, whether it can continue to meet the standards of safety law.
KC certification cycle

Routine for 4-6 weeks, can be expedited, urgent need to pay another fee.
Shenzhen KC certification agency

DePuhua Testing (STS), as a third-party testing authority and KC certification agency, not only has independent laboratories and a group of experienced KC certified engineers, but also provides customers with a full range of KC certification services , The company signed a mutual agreement with a number of countries, and issued by the report (or certificate), in line with South Korea test standards to eliminate your product export trade barriers. If you have relevant KC certification test requirements, please call us at 400-1800-162, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company.

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