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India BIS Certification

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India BIS certification profile
India in order to harmonize product regulatory standards and requirements to ensure product quality and safety, in 1955 began to implement product certification system. Where included in the mandatory certification of products, according to the Indian product standards to obtain product certification to enter the market. Therefore, want to enter the Indian market production enterprises, it is necessary for India's product certification system to understand.
The Indian Product Certification Organization is the only product certification body in India, which is responsible for product certification by the Indian Parliament in 1986, the Indian Bureau of Standards Act, and the Bureau of Standards (BIS). BIS has five regional bureaus and 19 branch offices. Regional bureau supervises the corresponding branch office. BIS belongs to the eight laboratories and some independent laboratories responsible for the product certification process to take samples of the test. These laboratories are in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025: 1999.
Since BIS's predecessor, the Indian Standards Association began product certification in 1955, India's product certification has so far been 50 years. At present, BIS has issued more than 30,000 copies of product certification, covering agricultural products, textiles, electronics and almost every industrial field.

BIS certification mark

India product certification procedures BIS product certification certificate grant procedures

(A) application. Fill in the application form and pay the application fee to the BIS branch office where the factory factory is located. In addition to the special application, the following documents are required: 1. Factory location and factory distribution map; 2. Proof of production plant; 3. List of existing production equipment and inspection equipment; 4. Test or use of test (Ii) to comply with all the terms and conditions of the certificate award and, once the certificate is suspended or abolished, immediately, the date of receipt of the certificate, The letter of commitment for the use of the mark; 7. the process of describing the production and inspection steps; 8. the details of the existing technician.

(B) record. After a detailed review, if the application procedure is complete, BIS will file the application and assign it to the applicant for an application number. The application is therefore established.

(C) the initial inspection. Through the company's production capacity and control level, quality control technology, existing equipment, staff skills assessment and sample testing to determine whether the product meets the Indian standards.

(4) issue a certificate. If the initial test and sample test results meet the conditions, will be issued to the applicant certificate. Certificate is valid for 2 years. If the implementation of the certificate is correct, once the application can be extended for two years. If the licensee wishes to expand the scope of the product covered by the same standard of the certificate, it may be changed by the regular test and the eligible person. If the certificate expires, the certificate will be updated within the validity period of the certificate.

(5) supervision after certification. After the certificate is granted, if the licensee fulfills the test plan, the product is consistent with the Indian standard, the sample test record remains intact, and the product can be marked with the authorization. Applicants are required to pay a certain mark.
BIS will carry out regular supervision and inspection on the implementation of the certificate. This supervision and inspection mainly depends on whether the test test program is fully implemented, whether the quality control system is strictly according to technical standards. Simultaneously test the production of the sample and send the extracted sample to a BIS or independent laboratory for testing.
Periodic inspection and product testing results will be informed in the appropriate manner to the witness. If the nonconformity continues to occur and the use of the mark is suspended on the product; if the periodic inspection and product testing do not meet the requirements, especially if they are inconsistent with the Indian standard, BIS will, as the case may be, suspend or directly revoke the certificate of the holder.
The first batch of mandatory product catalogs
Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology DeitY (Department of Electronics and Information Technology) issued the "Electronic and Information Technology Products (Mandatory Registration Requirements) Act." The Decree stipulates that the following 15 categories of home appliances and information technology products must be tested and registered at the BIS accredited laboratories as of April 3, 2013 and marked "self-declaration - compliance" on the product itself or on the outer box IS standard "in order to enter the Indian market.


The second batch of compulsory product catalogs

India's Information Technology Division (DEITY) in the November 7, 2014 officially announced: "Electronics and Information Technology Products (Mandatory Registration Requirements) Act, 2012" added 15 categories of regulatory products, including IT and AV products with power adapter, ≤5kVA uninterruptible power supply, mobile power, LED lights, mobile phones, copiers, cash registers, etc. (see the table below for detailed product information).

The announcement specifies the effective date for the mandatory registration of new products:

00001. The execution buffer period for a secondary battery / battery pack / mobile power (item 20) using alkaline or non-acid battery fluid in a portable device is 9 months and will take effect on August 7, 2015;
00002. BIS Mandatory Registration Execution Buffering for the remaining products is 6 months from the date of the announcement and will take effect on May 7, 2015


BIS certification process

1> Confirm the contract
2> payment
3> Submit samples, information
4> pre-test
5> Submit the final sample to the BIS designation agency
6> Final test
7> Designated agencies provide reports
8> provide reports and BIS registration information
9> complete registration, obtain registration number and certificate
BIS certification required information

1. Product English manual
2. Machine schematic diagram, PCB map
3.CDF (according to product set, accept UL or CB and other certificates)
4. Schematic diagram of external power adapter, PCB map
5. External power adapter CB report and certificate Note: May 7 is not accepted after the mandatory provision of BIS certification
6. Lithium battery or pool core CB report and certificate
7. Product nameplate
8. Lithium battery detailed specifications (including protection circuit schematics)
9. provide a description of the difference, the application of the series when applicable
Note: the power cord needs to meet the IS302-1, plug pins need to meet the IS1293,


1> application
Models can not exceed 10 per report
2> nameplate


To add: Self declaration - Conforming to IS (Standard no.), R-xxxxxxxx
BIS certification requirements

Write a letter of self declaration above or below the mark.
This sentence is called on the 12th font, if the place is not enough, made a quarter of the size of the trademark. R-back XXXXXXXX said it will get a BIS registration number, the certificate down, the 8 registration number filled in this place.
Other content at least fill out the contents of the icon can be. The other can be free. If you apply for a series of multiple nameplates, then you need to provide multiple copies of the nameplate drawings and kind.

The manufacturer must have a representative office or an agent in India
The test must be conducted in India
The test report must be submitted within 90 days of the application
The manufacturer must rectify the non-conformance within 7 business days, otherwise the application will be rejected by BIS
The certificate is valid for two years

BIS certification cycle

Test cycle: 4-5 weeks
Registration cycle: 2-3 weeks

BIS certification template


Shenzhen BIS certification agency

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