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Notice of change of application fee and process of CDMA mobile phone MEID number

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      MEID mobile device identification code (Mobile Equipment Identifier) is the CDMA mobile phone identification code, but also each CDMA mobile phone or communication flat only identification code. With this identifier, the network can track and monitor the phone. For CDMA system of mobile phones. The MEID number range is hexadecimal, similar to the format of the IMEI.
      Mobile Equipment IDentifier (MEID) is the world's only 56bit mobile terminal identification number. The identification number will be entered in the terminal and can be modified later. Can be used to identify and track mobile devices. Since the ESN segment is a limited resource, it is essentially exhausted and there may be a small number of recovered segments, so a 56-bit MEID segment is developed to replace the 32-bit ESN segment. MEID is mainly allocated to CDMA standard mobile phone use.

      Since January 1, 2017, MEID has made significant changes in the cost and application process

1, the application fee changes

2, the application process changes

3, MEID usually question and answer
1.99 Multi-model section cost: 3999USD per block (1M) (updated in April 2016, before 8000USD)

Section 2:
I) "99" (in the database, follow the rules of GSMA, each block can only be used for one model.
Ii) there is no "98" section, "99" section will be used after the opening
Iii) Section 99 is MEID / IMEI, which can be used in any country in the world
Iv) "A1" (16), can only be used for CDMA terminals, not in the GSMA database, recorded in the TIA database, each block can be used for multiple models, manufacturers decide.
V) "A0" (16) can only be used for CDMA terminals. In the TIA database, each block can be used for multiple models, and the manufacturer decides on its own.
Vi) Some manufacturers' terminals will use the MEID combination of "86" segment + "A0" or "A1".
Vii) The mobile terminal may use only the "99" segment for a multimode terminal (eg GSM + WCDMA + CDMA + LTE) without the need for a combination of the 86th IMEI + A1 or A1 MEID (in principle, Operators have special requirements)


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