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Export of electronic products in the Middle East to do SASO certification preparation information and certification process

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      Middle East and African countries, because the country's population is relatively small, or the country is relatively backward, itself is unable to establish a set of product quality supervision system, commissioned by the international inspection agencies, the agency exports to the Middle East and Africa, the goods shipped in these countries Pre-inspection, to confirm that the product is in line with safety or environmental protection and other international standards, on the other hand also monitor the value of the product to ensure that these countries can collect the full amount of customs duties.

      After obtaining the authorization, the inspection agency may carry out the inspection of the exported goods according to the requirements of the entrusting country. As long as these institutions obtain the authorization from the corresponding country, they can issue the corresponding inspection certificate, which is usually called COC certificate. Commonly known as the Middle East inspection certification SASO certification; Nigeria SONCAP certification; Tanzania / Kenya / Uganda PVOC certification. Today, for example, talk about the need to prepare those information and certification process.
1, the application in line with international IEC standard test report
A. Test samples to provide 2-4 units.
B. Product specifications.
C. Product nameplate.
2, submitted before the submission of information
B. Packing list PAKING LIST
C. Applicant's business license
D. Certification application form
E. Arabic, English manual
F. Saudi customer product customs code
G. Product and packaging silk screen (product name / product type / product electrical parameters / origin (Made In China)
3, after passing the inspection submitted
Official commercial invoice
4, certified clearance


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