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According to the survey, the electricity provider platform CCC certification in the sale of products qualified rate of 85.6%

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      Recently, the State Certification and Accreditation Agency for the electricity business platform related to the sale of CCC certification certified products organized a "double random" spot checks, the test, 139 batches, 140 specifications model products, a total of 119 batches of qualified, the overall average pass rate 85.6%.

      First, from the spot checks, the spot checks to take a "double random" approach, through the sampling information platform, randomly selected objects, randomly selected inspectors, from 800 alternative samples of random samples 139 batches (baby carriage 40 batches , Small household appliances 99 batches), from 26 random checkers library random 14 people to carry out sampling work. And the "double random" check to do the whole mark and traceable.
      Second, from the inspection process, the extraction of the "mysterious buyers" from the electricity business platform to buy or from the logistics warehouse centralized sampling of the way, in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang and other places Jingdong, Amazon China, Suning Tesco, Dangdang Such as self-operated platform and the day cat flagship store, extract a total of about 140 specifications models, such as baby carriages, kitchen machinery, water storage type electric water heaters, skin and hair care appliances, range hoods, liquid heater products and fan products Sample.
      Third, from the spot checks products, unqualified CCC certified products, the highest detection rate for the stroller 20%, the main problem for the specification requirements of nonconformities and signs, the use of inconsistencies; range hood failure rate of 30%, the main problem is ground Measures failed; kitchen machinery (whisk, mixer class) failure rate of 15%, the main problem for the stability and mechanical hazards.

      This year, the State Certification and Accreditation Commission has been increasing to enhance the quality of electricity to help and supervision of product quality.
      First, play a "cloud bridge" certification recognized information sharing platform for the electricity business platform has opened a CCC data validation services and organic certification verification services, as of this year's "double 11" before Alibaba and Jingdong have been certified CCC goods Certificate information more than 102 million, at the same time received from the electricity platform for more than 600 goods platform sampling unqualified information, cloud bridge "provided by the certification data services have covered more than 90% of domestic e-commerce B2C trading market.
      Second, combined with the characteristics of commercial launch of "good e-commerce norms" certification. In order to solve the problems of e-commerce authentication system, formulate standard rules, use the internationally accepted third-party authentication method, and provide the online supplier of e-commerce in the process of e-commerce transaction, such as imperfect supervision mechanism, imperfect behavior norm and information asymmetry , Platform operators and other business entities to implement supervision and evaluation, the formation of the quality of goods, sales in the after-sales service, information security and other e-commerce process can be evaluated, traceable, sustainable improvement mechanism. Up to now, the certification body issued a total of 35 Zheng Zheng certification, 29 enterprises to obtain business certification.
      Third, improve the "risk monitoring, online sampling, the source trace, territorial investigation," the e-commerce CCC certified products, regulatory mechanisms, innovative online, offline comparison check mode. 2016 "double random" CCC certification market sampling work pilot way as a General Administration of Quality Supervision pilot to report to the State Council.
      The next step, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine will carry out e-commerce product quality promotion action, continue to promote the "cloud bridge" platform and "good e-commerce standard" certification system to help electric business enterprises from the online source to strengthen quality control, Online governance and offline governance.

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