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American Toy Standard ASTM F963-16 Projectile Test Requirements Revision

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      In March 2017, the American Toy Industry Association proposed to the CPSC for the exemption item missing from the ASTM F963-16 toy standard issued by ASTM in October 2016. The validity of the CPSC staff based on the validity of the request has been Accept the request and exercise discretionary discretion to increase the maximum kinetic energy (KE) limit of 0.08J for projectile kinetic energy (KED) greater than 2500 J / ㎡ applied to the energy storage catapult apparatus in relation to Article
      Namely: projectile energy greater than 0.08J ejection by 8.14.6 measured the maximum unit area kinetic energy shall not exceed 2500 J / ㎡.
      So the catapult can not exceed 0.08J of the projectile will not need to meet the unit area kinetic energy test requirements.
      The amendment will be added to the new standard and will become a mandatory consumer product safety standard on April 30, 2017 and will be effective for toys produced on or after April 30 and beyond.

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