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Automotive lamps and automotive products CCC certification implementation of the new standard GB18408-2015

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      Automotive lighting and vehicle certification according to the standard GB18408-2015 "after the car and trailer license plate lighting device with light performance" (hereinafter referred to as "new standard") was released on October 9, 2015, in July 1, 2016 formal Implementation, replace the corresponding old standard GB18408-2001. Now the corresponding product mandatory certification implementation of the new version of the relevant requirements are as follows:
(Hereinafter referred to as license plate lights) and vehicle products (including new energy vehicles) since July 1, 2016 in accordance with GB18408-2015 standard requirements for certification.
Second, for the July 1, 2016 has been certified before the above products, consider GB18408-2015 Article 8 of the transition period requirements, the certification commission should be in June 30, 2018, according to the corresponding new standard to complete the certificate change Version of the work, change the requirements are as follows:
1. For the light source for all the light bulb license plate products, no need to add the difference test, data review after the exchange of new certificates directly;
2. For the license plate with the light source module products, part of the light source module should be supplemented by the new version of light distribution performance testing, testing qualified after the renewal of a new certificate.
Third, the old version of the standard certificate conversion work should be completed by June 30, 2018, overdue completion of the certificate conversion work or has not been converted to a discontinued model maintenance parts certificate, the suspension of the old standard certificate; 2018 years before September 30 To complete the certificate conversion work, revoke the old standard certificate.
Fourth, for the July 1, 2016 has been manufactured, put on the market and no longer produce certified products, no need for certificate conversion.
5, the relevant designated laboratories should be as soon as possible to the National Certification and Accreditation Administration and the Center reported that the new version of the standard testing capabilities, and should promptly through the new version of the standard laboratory accreditation and recognition of the situation reported to the record.

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