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Explosion proof certification

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Anti explosion authentication is used to determine the requirements, type tests and routine tests of the equipment to meet the requirements of the explosion proof standard, and to distribute the relevant certificates. The certificate may be directed against the Ex equipment or the Ex element.

Guide to inspection

When applying for explosion-proof qualification and test report, the manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical products shall process the following procedures and provide information and prototype.

Inspection data

1. Enterprise capital
The photocopy of the business license of the enterprise (when it is first sent to the inspection), the unit introduces the letter / letter of attorney / application letter.
2. The quality assurance of the enterprise
According to the provisions of GB3836.1 2010, enterprises in the trial, it shall provide the corresponding quality guarantee. When enterprises are certified by ISO9000 series, they can provide copies of ISO9000 series certification.
3. Technical data
Check the technical information enterprise including enterprise standards or technical requirements, product drawings, specifications etc.. All the technical data should be two copies.
A) enterprise standards / technical requirements
The standard / technical requirements of the product should be written in the prescribed format. The contents of the product should include the related contents of explosion-proof in addition to the performance requirements of the products, such as basic parameters, explosion-proof marks, use of environmental conditions, explosion-proof performance requirements, related tests of explosion-proof performance, and explosion-proof related signs, etc.
B) product drawings
When the enterprise applies for the explosion proof certificate of the electrical equipment, it should provide the general assembly drawing, the circuit schematic diagram, the printed circuit board map, the silk screen map, the components material table and the nameplate. When an enterprise applies for an explosion proof certificate of non - secure electrical equipment, the technical data of the inspection shall include drawings that can reflect the explosion-proof performance of the sample (including general assembly drawings and part drawings). When the general drawing can clearly show the explosion-proof parameters and structure of the product, it can also be sent to the general plan only.
C) the instructions for use
The instructions should include basic parameters, explosion-proof marks, product profile, installation, maintenance, order instructions and notices to the user to ensure the explosion-proof performance of the product during installation and use.
D) other information
For products with glued and sealed products, the name, performance specification and related process documents of adhesives and sealing agents shall be provided. For plastic shell products, plastic materials and corresponding performance documents shall be provided.
4. Apply for the sample of the explosion-proof certificate
The prototype of the enterprise shall be in conformity with the audit blueprint, and the number of inspection stations shall be satisfied. If there are special disassembly tools, they should be delivered together. For pouring electrical equipment, we should send one set of products that are well sealed and not poured. The transparent parts of the observation window should be sent to 5 pieces, at least 3. The transparent parts of the lamps should be sent to 8 pieces, at least 5 pieces. Rubber aging test should provide 35 x 15 x 6 rubber block 3~5 pieces. The insulation resistance of plastic housing must be 2 pieces with diameter of 150 * 60. If the size is allowed, the plastic shell can be directly measured.
5. The method of application:
5.1 free application: the inspection units apply for themselves, prepare the relevant information by themselves, help to debug the prototype, and modify the non standard parts of the data by themselves. The period is relatively long and the comprehensive cost is high.
5.2 agent application: the agency application means the agency application of the professional explosion-proof electrical technology service agency for the whole process, the intermediate data modification, the prototype debugging, the coordination of the progress made by the agency * according to the authorization. The progress has a good guarantee, and the certificate can be obtained about 30 days after the intermediate signing of the agreement. It is necessary to pay a number of agency fees for the agency.

On the time of obtaining evidence:

The drawings and samples are all in line with the standards. There is no special complex test, usually one month.

On the cost of obtaining evidence

According to the product's explosion-proof mark, product complexity, size, whether there are complex test items, consider the representative type. Generally it's 10000 yuan, representing 10% plus one. The large scale products, series products and central fee standard are not listed, and shall be negotiated according to the "contract review procedure".


If the contents of the explosion-proof certificate should be changed in time, the change of the unit address and the change of the name of the original manufacturing unit should be changed with the change procedures and application letters.

Expiry certificate

When the validity of an enterprise's explosion-proof certificate is due to expire, the enterprise shall provide a letter of application for the certificate within three months before and after the validity period, and should apply the following information to apply for another certificate again. If there is any accident, we should notify the center in time. The letter of application includes the name, type, original explosion-proof level, the original explosion-proof certificate number and whether the product is changed. The enterprise should also send the expired explosion-proof certificate and the technical data sent to the center for re examination, and provide reinspection samples.

Implementation rules

According to the regulations on the management of the production license for industrial products of the People's Republic of China (No. 440th of the State Council) and the measures for the implementation of the regulations for the management of the production licenses for industrial products of the People's Republic of China (No. eightieth of the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine), the detailed rules for the implementation of the regulations are formulated. The implementation rules shall apply to the production, sale or operation of explosion-proof electrical products in People's Republic of China. No enterprise has not obtained explosion-proof electrical product production license shall not produce explosion-proof electrical products, no unit and individual may not sell or use explosion-proof electrical products that have not obtained production license in business activities.
The latest implementation rules were promulgated in January 19, 2011, and implemented in March 1, 2011, numbering XK06-014.
The implementation rules apply to the explosion-proof electrical products that implement the production license management. According to the specific features of the product
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