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Egypt NTRA Certification

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According to the relevant regulations issued by the Egypt National Telecommunications Administration (NTRA), all communication equipment used in Egypt, including terminal equipment, radio communication equipment, etc. need to obtain NTRA certification.

NTRA certified product range

All communication equipment used in Egypt must be NTRA certified. include:
(1) terminal equipment
Various types of telephones;
Fax machine (sound connection device);
Card / pay phone
LPU (line protection device);
Various types of public / private switches;
GSM mobile station and telephone.
(2) Radiocommunication equipment:
Radio transmitting / receiving equipment;
Satellite communication equipment;
cordless phone;
Radar device.
(3) all indoor / outdoor, limited / wireless IT communication equipment.
What do I need to apply for NTRA certification?

Any person, firm or company that supplies telecommunications equipment for the first time in the Egyptian market. include:
Any local manufacturer or its authorized organization that manufactures or assembles communications products;
Any overseas client;
Any agency that represents the interests of overseas principals locally registered.
NTRA certification used by the standard

NTRA certification, including CE, FCC, including the international certification and certification mark, that is, apply for NTRA certified telecommunications equipment must first meet the CE, FCC regulatory requirements, through the relevant standard testing, obtain a certificate of accreditation and affix the corresponding signs. The standard for NTRA certification for telecommunication equipment is shown in Table 1.
Table 1 NTRA type certification using the standard
Standard organization
Telecom / Radio ETSI, ASA, FCC, ITU
Safety / Health CENELEC, IEC, ASA, UL, FCC
Wireless terminal product NTRA certification

Wireless terminal products first consider the use of its frequency band, must comply with the Egyptian Telecommunications Authority radio spectrum division requirements. CE, FCC certification for wireless terminal products are different, CE-certified products must comply with the R & TTE Directive on electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency, personal safety and coordination standards, and obtain the EU notification agency (NB) audit certificate or opinion book. Common coordination criteria are: audit certificate or submissions will indicate the product name, model, hardware and software version, the use of frequency, power, meet the standards, testing reports and technical documents and so on. FCC is mainly concerned with compliance with electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency and personal safety. FCC-certified products must comply with the relevant provisions of 47 CFR Part 2, Part 22, Part 24, etc., and apply for and obtain the United States Telecommunications Accreditation Agency (TCB) Audit certificate.
Telecommunications terminal products NTRA certification

For telecommunications terminal products connected to the public telecommunication network, the CE certification mainly considers the contents of electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and performance, such as EN 60950-1, EN 55022, EN 55024 and other coordination standards, and TBR 21, TBR 38 Such as interface performance test standards. The certification model can be used by the enterprise self-declaration or to obtain NB certification certificate. FCC mainly consider electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and other aspects of the need to comply with 47 CFR Part 68 of the relevant provisions, such as TIA-968-A and other tests, certification model can be used to self-declaration or obtain TCB certification certificate.
NTRA type approval application

Submit an application form on the website of the National Telecommunications Authority (NTRA) in Egypt;
Issued by NTRA import / production license;
Detailed description of the system description, technical information, and equipment specifications;
Production company compliance statement or accredited test laboratory for equipment in telecommunications / radio, EMC, EMI, safety and health aspects of compliance with the relevant standards of the test report;
Certificate of origin from manufacturer;
Type approval fee;
The terminal equipment requires two samples for testing.
NTRA type certificate

(1) The competent authority shall issue only one type of certificate for the same trademark and type of equipment when the equipment meets the following requirements:
Applicants must meet the requirements of the Type Certification Ordinance
The telecommunications equipment complies with all relevant requirements
(2) The type certificate certifies the certificate holder, the certified equipment, the equipment conforming to the standard, the manufacturer and the manufacturer's origin.
(3) If there is no unauthorized modification of the approved equipment, the type certificate has no time limit.
(4) The type certificate does not authorize the use of the approved product providing the telecommunication service to others, and provides that the certificate can only be used by the certificate holder. In any case where a license or telecommunications license No. 10/2003 is required, the approved product should not be grouped together.
Factory inspection and pre - shipment inspection

The factory review is part of the type approval process, which means that the laboratory is to check the relevant certificates and documentation provided by the manufacturer for testing and certification, as well as the production site for the equipment. The certificate must conform to the manufacturer's production and business scope identified by the ISO quality system certificate. If necessary, the laboratory shall review the quality of the manufacturer's product consistency and quality testing capabilities.
Pre-shipment inspection means that the accreditation body will arrange pre-shipment verification based on the results of the factory inspection and inspection and certification, including compliance with the intended shipment and sample, and the number of samples. If necessary, the accreditation body may carry out relevant testing on the products to be shipped to ensure that the conformity of the shipping products is true and effective.

Shenzhen NTRA certification agency

As a third-party testing agency and NTRA certification agency, the company has not only independent laboratories and a group of experienced NTRA certified engineers, but also provides a full range of NTRA certification services for our customers. , The company signed a mutual agreement with a number of countries, and issued by the report (or certificate), in line with the Egyptian testing standards, to eliminate your product export trade barriers. If you have relevant NTRA certification test requirements please call us 400-1800-162, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company.
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