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Battery GB31241 Test

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The National Standardization Committee promulgated GB31241-2014 "Lithium-ion battery and battery pack safety requirements for portable electronic products" in 2015. The battery testing and certification standard is the first mandatory standard for lithium ion battery safety. Year on August 1 officially implemented.
Test standard: GB31241-2014

Note: Only when a test sample of the test all qualified, can determine the test qualified.
De Puhua test Since the construction of battery laboratory in 2016, GB31241 has been successfully expanded to CNAS and CMA range, in order to independently issue lithium battery GB31241 test report to lay a solid foundation, and for the majority of battery manufacturers, distributors and traders To provide more professional, more high-quality efficient testing and certification services, and the majority of enterprise customers to achieve win-win situation.
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