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WERCSmart Registered

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What is WERCSmart registration?
WERCSmart is a supply chain security management system designed and developed by The WERCS company for large and medium-sized retailers. It can realize: unified management of large suppliers' networks and products; security assessment of targets and existing products , Easy to screen. Industry-leading retail programs developed specifically for retailers to quickly and easily access accurate compliance and sustainability data. The program provides a safe and intuitive way for suppliers to submit key product and chemical composition data needed to edit a complete set of hazard data and deliver product information that is directly registered by the supplier to the retailer. Such an authoritative review and verification process is more simple and convenient to facilitate the cooperation between suppliers and retailers, registered WERCSmart suppliers is undoubtedly the preferred supplier of retailers.
The Wercs is a leading provider of green supply chain systems and chemicals regulations related to software, and its software packages play an important role in helping customers manage product information and compromise information.
At present, retailers who have confirmed cooperation with The Wercs include Wal-Mart, O'Reilly, Costco, Sears / K-Mart, Rite Aid, etc., requiring all of their suppliers to register their products on WercSmart.

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WERCSmart for products
Crafts Arts and Crafts;
Motor Vehicles Related Automotive and Vehicle Related;
Cleaning supplies;
Electronic and Electrical Products
Daily necessities Grocery;
Health and Beauty Health and Beauty;
Home Improvement
Tool Kit
Garden tools Lawn and Garden;
Nutritional Supplements;
Pet Care Products Pet Care;
Photographic equipment;
Sporting Goods Sporting Goods;
Toy Toys.
Need to register WERCSmart product category
1. The product contains certain chemicals, is dangerous or potentially dangerous, or controls the chemical composition, and the downstream retailer (customer) uses the Wercsmart system;
2. General clothing and food do not need to register, special containers of food (such as sprayers or vacuum tubes, etc.)
3. The retailer requires the supplier to register.
Battery WERCSmart registered
Battery WERCSmart registration is divided into two modes:
1. Non-direct sales to the retailer's battery registration
This battery is only installed on other electronic products, and this electronic products as an independent brand sales. This battery does not have a UPC / GTIN code and is registered by the battery supplier to the WERCSmart system for use with other electronic product suppliers when connecting battery information.
Key information requirements:
MSDS documents (including model, capacity, weight, voltage, 100% composition table, CAS number, shape, color, odor, mode of transport, and hazard protection of each ingredient)
2. Direct sales to the retailer's battery registration
This battery has a UPC / GTIN code, registered to the WERCSmart system, the system will pass the relevant information to the registration of designated subordinate retailers.
Key information requirements:
MSDS file, shipping method, UPC code, packing method, weight (ounce), designated retailer name, retailer contact phone and mail, qualified supplier D number (O'Reily, Sears / K-Mart, Wal-Mart / SAM'S CLUB required)
WERCSmart registration for electronic products containing batteries
Electronic product registration with battery requires two steps:
1. The battery supplier first registers the battery information on the WERCSmart system and adds the battery supplier's name to the WERCS battery supplier list (if multiple different battery suppliers are to be registered separately)
2. The supplier of electronic products to register this electronic product, the steps to select the included battery information, will be found in the list of battery suppliers, and link battery information.
From this we see that for the electronic products containing the battery MSDS control or for the battery.
Key information requirements:
MSDS file, shipping method, UPC code, packing method, weight (ounce), designated retailer name, retailer contact phone and mail, qualified supplier ID number (O'Reily, Sears / K-Mart, Wal-Mart / SAM'S CLUB required)
Other products are registered with WERCSmart
1. Products sold under the retailer brand require WERCSmart to edit the SDS file
2. Liquid products provide information in addition to ordinary MSDS documents contain information, but also generally provide the proportion of water, PH value, boiling point, flash point, personal protective measures (mask, gloves, aprons, protective glasses), spontaneous combustion temperature, minimum spontaneous combustion energy (mJ ), Water / oil ratio, viscosity coefficient)
3. Product nameplate (PDF format) for OTC and Nutrition products
WERCSmart registration cycle and cost
Ordinary product registration takes two weeks, and the battery product registration takes three weeks.
Depp is testing WERCSmart registered service advantages
Professional to provide WERCSmart system training
Assist customers to quickly complete WERCS registration
Professional analysis of registration strategy, to provide registration program
Professional engineering all-weather to solve any incurable diseases
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