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Israel SII Certification

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Israel SII certification profile

The Israeli SII is an acronym for Standards Institution of Israel and is responsible for the development of standards in Israel. Israel is also the first in the Middle East to become NCB countries, SII as a non-governmental organizations, to Israel's domestic and foreign imports to provide security, environmental protection, testing and other services. When applying for SII certification, the corresponding factory inspection must be carried out, and the packaging and color of the product must meet the religious requirements of the Arab countries.
Nature: mandatory (Mandatory)
Requirements Standard: Safety
Voltage: 220Vac
Frequency: 50Hz
CB System Member States: Yes

SII certification mark

SII certified product range

Mandatory standards mainly related to home appliances, food, beverages, tobacco, textiles, clothing, toys, footwear and leather products and other products.

SII certified factory inspection

When applying for SII certification, the corresponding factory inspection must be performed

SII certification instructions

The "coercion" in Israel's compulsory certification needs to be understood in many ways, and in the case of Israel's national ordinance, all goods must be carried out by the SII institution during the entry into Israel to carry out the corresponding cargo inspection to confirm that the goods are in conformity with the State of Israel standard requirement. Israel "Industrial Trade Labor" will be the certification process called "presumption of conformity", the goods in batches to check, that is, each time the goods must be checked, the last test issued by the test certificate can be used for the next Cargo inspection, but can not directly replace the cargo inspection, will only shorten the time in the goods in the customs, in order to save some customers for the customs stagnation costs (usually SII goods inspection time is 40 days).
After the implementation of the above goods inspection, the product in the inland city of Israel are not mandatory scope of certification, you can not apply for SII product certification, product suppliers can also directly to the Israeli importers issued SII cargo test certificate to prove The product complies with its Israeli standards. If the applicant is required to apply for the "standard mark" and "safety mark", you need to accept the SII's annual product re-testing and factory inspection, the factory inspection by the SII institutions directly to the factory implementation, do not accept other agencies factory inspection The Although the applicant has made the SII security mark, still can not avoid the customs commissioned by the SII agency to perform each inspection, can not use the SII certificate to shorten the residence time in the customs.

SII certification procedures

(1) submit an identification application to SII;
(2) Samples to SII for testing;
(3) Information requested: operating instructions, manual guide, product description, manufacturer information;
(4) SII in accordance with the relevant standards (such as: performance, safety, reliability, etc.) for sample testing;
(5) SII arrangements for factory review;
(6) test qualified, and the factory after the review are passed, SII issued a certificate, allowing the product posted on the standard logo.
The safety mark indicates that the product complies with Israeli product safety standards. The safety logo does not require a factory review, which is the difference from the standard logo. The specific certification process is as follows:
(1) submit a security identification application to SII;
(2) Samples to SII for testing;
(3) Information requested: operating instructions, manual guide, product description, safety parts list, safety parts;
(4) After passing the test, SII issued a certificate to allow the product to be affixed with a safety mark.

SII certification cycle

5-6 weeks

Shenzhen SII certification agency

(SIS) as a professional authority of the third party testing agencies and SII certification agency, not only has an independent laboratory and a group of experienced SII certified engineers, but also for our customers to provide a full range of SII certification services , The company signed a mutual agreement with a number of countries, and issued by the report (or certificate), in line with Israeli testing standards, to eliminate your product export trade barriers. If you have relevant SII certification test requirements, please call us at 400-1800-162, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company.

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