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SDS (Safety Data Sheet), is a hazardous chemical production or sales of enterprise safety data sheet according to regulatory requirements to provide a message on chemical composition, physical and chemical parameters, explosive properties, toxicity, environmental hazards, As well as the safe use of the way, storage conditions, leakage emergency treatment, transport regulations and other 16 content information comprehensive documentation.
The United States GHS was formally implemented on March 26, 2012, and the regulations covered the United Nations GHS on the chemical substances classification and labeling requirements of the corresponding provisions, in particular the workplace chemical substances classification and labeling requirements, the GHS label, hazard category and safety data Table and so made a clear provision, but also to the global chemical production enterprises issued a new challenge. During the transition to GHS implementation, companies can use the legacy HCS standard and use the new version of the HCS standard. If the enterprise chooses a new HCS standard to produce SDS and labels, it can not use ANSI standards directly, and it needs to be adjusted in content and format. But all manufacturers and distributors must update all legacy MSDSs to OSHA GHS's new SDS reports by June 1, 2015 to ensure the introduction of new regulations.

Which products require MSDS reports (SDS reports)

Some people think that only hazardous chemicals need to handle MSDS, but this is not the case, the current MSDS (SDS) reported that foreign requirements are more stringent, has been expanded to almost all chemicals, and even some plastic, metal, textile products, Developed countries and a large part of the daily necessities of goods are now basically require MSDS (SDS) to smooth declaration, some foreign buyers will also require the provision of goods MSDS (SDS), some domestic foreign joint ventures or joint venture procurement will also put forward this Claim.

MSDS products include

Chemicals: Paint MSDS, Paint MSDS, Dye MSDS, Pigment MSDS, Diesel MSDS, Kerosene MSDS, Lubricant MSDS, Asphalt MSDS, Paraffin MSDS, Alcohol MSDS, Ethanol MSDS, Methanol MSDS, Formaldehyde MSDS, Acetone MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, Emulsifier / Surfactant / Flame Retardant / Defoamer / Antiruster / MSDS, MSDS, Xylene MSDS, sodium hydroxide MSDS, sodium bicarbonate MSDS, potassium hydroxide MSDS, calcium carbonate MSDS, styrene MSDS, polyvinyl alcohol MSDS, fatty acid MSDS, ethyl acetate MSDS, pure chemical products MSDS
MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, Moisturizing MSDS, Fragrances MSDS, Nail Stickers MSDS, Nail Polish MSDS, Tattoo Stickers MSDS, Skin Care Products MSDS, Toiletries MSDS Agent MSDS and so on
Metal minerals: stainless steel MSDS, magnet MSDS, aluminum alloy MSDS, copper alloy MSDS, rare earth alloy MSDS, metal and alloy powder MSDS, iron ore MSDS, glass MSDS, ceramic MSDS, refractory brick MSDS, polished tiles MSDS, Limestone MSDS and so on
MS MS, MSDS, MSDS, Acrylic Resin MSDS, Color Masterbatch MSDS, Acrylic Resin MSDS, Acrylic Resin MSDS, Color Masterbatch MSDS, Acrylic Resin MSDS, Acrylic Resin MSDS
Miscellaneous MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, MSDS, Graphite MSDS, Asbestos MSDS, Small Electricity MSDS, Flies Attractant MSDS and so on
Batteries: lead-acid batteries MSDS, sodium-sulfur batteries MSDS, dry batteries MSDS, button batteries MSDS, nickel-metal hydride batteries MSDS, alkaline manganese batteries MSDS, zinc-manganese batteries MSDS, lithium-ion batteries MSDS, nickel-cadmium batteries MSDS, solar cells MSDS, MSDS and so on
Stationery toys MSDS, white pen MSDS, flash pen MSDS, water pen MSDS, pencil MSDS, marker pen MSDS, ballpoint pen MSDS, crayon MSDS, chalk MSDS, ink MSDS, glue MSDS, correction liquid MSDS, Finger paint paint MSDS, bubble water MSDS, electric toys MSDS, plush toys MSDS, plastic toys MSDS, etc.
Other miscellaneous: pharmaceutical intermediates MSDS, food additives MSDS, pesticide MSDS, fertilizer MSDS, animal and plant extracts MSDS, etc.
The importance of the professional MSDS report (SDS report)

Note: The information provided on the MSDS may be the only source of information for the user, so it is important to provide a standardized, comprehensive and comprehensive MSDS report.
You need to choose a professional organization to complete the MSDS report for you, any individual or company if you are induced to a very low price to get MSDS report, means that you need to face:
1. Obtain an unprofessional MSDS report (which is generally proportional to the professional and cost of MSDS reporting), so that reports are often not accepted by the shipping company and the guests, wasting your costs and time, and also affecting the likelihood that the product will get more orders , And sometimes may lead to supply default;
2. In violation of the relevant MSDS standards without knowledge, resulting in violation of regulatory issues;
3. Due to the MSDS report is not professional lead to the shipping company or the user of the wrong operation of the product, resulting in irreparable loss or injury;

De Puhua test: battery MSDS report issued by service providers

Depp is a full-fledged SDS report for OSHA GHS in May 2015, and is eligible for discounts at the MSDS report issued by Dept & Poor's Testing Laboratories in 2015. Please contact our customer who needs to update the battery SDS report, please call our service hotline 4001800162, or contact your docking business directly to learn more so as not to delay your product sales on the market.
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