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India Mandatory certification to add new products

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India's Electronic Information Technology (DeitY) has officially announced that it will be more products into the Indian mandatory electronic and information products safety certification (2012) product list. Newly included in the list of products
Include the following:
 Adapters for information technology equipment
 5KVA and below UPS / Invertors
 Alkaline or other non-acidic electrolytes for hand-held equipment
 Sealed batteries and batteries (including lithium-ion chemical batteries / batteries)
 Mobile phone
 Cash register
 Sales terminal
 Smart card reader
 Passport reader

6 months after the official announcement, the new products imported from the Indian market need to hold BIS certification. Handheld equipment with alkaline or other non-acidic electrolyte sealed batteries and batteries in the official announcement after 9 months of import India must have BIS certification.
India certification is the most complex of a country. CB certificates and test reports are not currently accepted. All tests must be conducted in a laboratory accredited in India. Based on the partnership between STS and India's accredited laboratories, we have processed more than 200 Indian certification cases. For more information, please contact your nearest STS office.

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