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Notice on the revision of the relevant commodity inspection standard for children 's toys in Taiwan

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      April 11, 2017, the Taiwan Bureau of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards (BMSI) published by the word word No. 10620001370 document, notice correction of toy commodity inspection requirements CNS 4797-3, the specification quoted from July 15, 2015 released CNS 4797, the new version contains new inspection requirements for sound-emitting toys, children's scooters and magnetic toys, and all relevant test specifications referenced from the original specification CNS 4797 are also included for the purpose of understanding the notification.
Estimated date of use: 2017.06.15
Expected implementation date: 2018.01.01
Opinion adoption period: 60 days from the date of announcement
After the revision, the physical test items will contain the following contents for reference;
4.1 normal use
4.2 foreseeable reasonable abuse
4.3 Materials
4.4 small parts
4.5 The shape, size and strength of a particular toy
4.6 edge
4.7 tip
4.8 protrusion
4.9 wire and rods
4.10 Plastic and plastic bags in packaging and toys
4.11 ropes and elastic bands
4.12 folding mechanism
4.13 holes, gaps and accessible bodies
4.14 spring
4.15 stability and overload requirements
4.16 confined space
4.17 analog guards
4.18 catapult toys
4.19 Water toys
4.20 Brakes
4.21 toy bike
4.22 speed limit of electric riding toys
4.23 Toys with heat source
4.24 liquid filled toys
4.25 mouth moving toys
4.26 wheeled skates toys
4.27 hit the end of the fire
4.28 sound requirements matters
4.29 toy scooter
Magnetic and magnetic components
      For more information, please visit BSM official website: ( inquiries.
      Since January 1, 2018, the documents published in the list of goods according to the revised test after the implementation of the test.

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