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"STS love Foundation" in March 1, 2017 was formally established

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March 1, 2017, coincided with a bright spring day, "STS Love Foundation" was formally established. The whole company took part in this meeting with an excitement and gratitude. STS testing group to create a platform for the staff to win respect for the customer to win the credibility of the world to win a harmonious testing and certification service platform for the company vision. As a responsible enterprise, the company to create a good corporate culture, promote the "hardship" of the traditional virtues of responsibility, the establishment of corporate responsibility to contribute to the community, thank the community for the company's support and trust.

     In the inaugural meeting of the company executive director Yang Bo made an important speech and donated 10,000 yuan on the spot. Yang Dong pointed out that the purpose of the Foundation is for the community to carry out charitable donations and other activities of the love of relief, non-profit public welfare projects, the purpose is to finance the people around the need to support at least once a year by the outstanding staff and business-related personnel on behalf of the poor Mountain, left-behind children, vulnerable groups, emergency assistance and other needs of the object of relief to help and help. The Foundation of the Fund is the main source of corporate profit extraction, corporate internal staff contributions, corporate external community groups and individuals donated and funded.

      "STS is the Foundation for the day-to-day management of the Integrated Services Department, the company set up a special account of the Foundation, all the money into the fund account for the reserve, unified management by the management office. Foundation Office on a regular basis on a monthly basis announced the Foundation fund income and use, and consciously accept the supervision of all employees of the company.

      "STS love Foundation" to bring together love, spread fraternity, help each other, build a harmonious mission, look forward to the development of a harmonious society bear the due responsibility to contribute to all the staff of Depp is a modest, Dedication love, common growth.


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