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"Happy work happy life" Yangjiang trip

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      In order to better promote the development and inheritance of our corporate culture, all my colleagues relaxed, slow down the pressure and enhance the communication and communication between colleagues, our company in April 21, 2021 to 23 organized a three-day " Happy work happy life "Yangjiang tourism activities. Before the trip, the integrated services department to do a detailed deployment of the work, from catering, traffic to the staff statistics, itinerary, event notice, things without details, every detail is not condensed its efforts and the company to play all my colleagues happy Of the deep desire to enjoy.

       The first stop to reach "Let the bullets fly" shooting: Yamen ancient fort. Yamen waterway, the Pearl River eight into the sea waterway, the southern end of the waterway, but also Yuan off the Southern Song of the last battle of the Battlefield location! Looked at the vicissitudes of the cannon, as if to tell the world that a period of indelible history.

      Feel the vicissitudes of history, we came to the most elegant in Guangdong Province, the hot springs - the first hot springs in China, said the new club will be ancient hot springs.

      Off the line, immersed in the warmth of the hot springs, in the water and transpiration of the mixing in the cool, get rid of fatigue, wonderful words. In the hot spring world, enjoy the warmth of fun, free, happy to forget. No wonder there are "bath strike reminding us of myosoid,

     The next day to sleep naturally wake up, after breakfast we will enter the next stop in Guangdong fourth largest island, China National Geographic magazine as one of China's most beautiful island of 5A-level scenic area ------ Hailing Island. We first took a fishing boat to feel the fun of the sea, by a leaf boat swaying in the waves above the sea, in the deck to feel the vast expanse of the sea boundless, breathing the taste of the sea, take the hearts of trouble.

     Travel the ship in the Shanghai World Guinness headquarters as China's largest bathing beach Hailing Island Shili silver beach kite flying, playing games ... ..., facing the sea breeze we fly hope, take trouble. We are free to walk on the beach, greedy sucking slightly salty air or participate in the play on the beach. March 23 to accompany the tour, show the joy of the family, when we put down the work, put down the trouble, feel the rare relaxation, rare leisure.

      The last stop we came to the fengyi in the towers ancient village, now Feng Yi where most of the overseas Chinese have not been living in the villagers, every building in the passage of time has gradually become dilapidated, but we can see the shape of thousands , The style of the towers. Scenic area towers building patchwork, some buildings also preserved some of the furniture, living facilities, witnessed the then overseas Chinese culture and life. Surrounded by rain in the ancient village, towers, wild flowers, towering trees is to make people feel that people in the scene, people in the scene, people seem to be in a picture, let us taut strings Take a step further down.

      Feeling for a long time did not so easily over. Tension in the past, in our journey, was a little bit thrown into the sea, lost to the field. Happiness is always short, and time slips away in our laughter. I do not know what is linger, but in my heart, fell in love with this piece of beach, fell in love with this piece of land, fell in love with this antique town.
      The bus full of laughter, turn a little more time. De Puhua test this big family, love each other's family, not only concerned about the performance and work of employees, more is to allow employees to feel the company's care for the staff, work together with happy work.


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