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CTA Certification

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What is CTA certification?

The State implements a network licensing system for telecommunications terminal equipment, radio communication equipment and telecommunications equipment involving inter-network interchange for access to public telecommunication networks. Telecommunications equipment must be access to the network license; not access to the network license, not access to public telecommunications network and domestic sales.

Telecommunications equipment network certification

Into the network license, the state access to the public telecommunications network using the telecommunications terminal equipment, radio communications equipment and interconnection between the telecommunications equipment to implement the network license system. The implementation of the network permit system of telecommunications equipment must be issued by the Ministry of Information Industry issued by the network license; not access to the network license, not access to public telecommunications network and domestic sales. The certificate number includes the certificate number, the applicant unit, the manufacturer, the equipment name, the equipment model, the origin, the remarks, the date of issue of the certificate, and the limited date of the certificate. The entry permit is generally valid for 3 years.

Thoroughly test

Looking at the center: the central laboratory and other testing center
Looking at the purpose: to ensure the smooth adoption of network testing.
Quiet cycle: no 2 days, EMC / Tell 3 days, the current network 1 day
Looking at the project:
EMC: radio frequency spurious harassment (need partners to provide thoroughly test report), radiation continuous Sao (need partners to provide thoroughly test report), electrostatic discharge immunity (ESD);
Non-commissioned: radio frequency transmission spurious, radiation spurious (the need for partners to provide thoroughly test report), radio frequency;
Thayer: Business and functional testing, performance testing, audio testing, environmental fitness testing, life testing;
The current network: telecommunications services, GPRS business, with different mobile operators for a long time to talk about the communication effect.
Looking at the prototype: EMC \ Teller prototype: 12;
No Commissioning: 6;
Now net prototype: 2;

Provinces and cities without the approval of the model application

Purpose: Provincial radio transmission equipment type approval and approval.
Cycle: 15 days (no city 3-5 days, the province has no 7-10 days)
Item: Function (provided with good machine function, appearance and sample delivery machine)
Prototype: 1 (with battery)
① 1 technical indicators;
② 2 copies of color (requires model models, identity models clear and complete);
③ no province to apply for a copy of the application form;
④ 3 copies of approved radio transmission equipment application form.
Note: provinces and municipalities without approval for the prototype to be provided as soon as possible. (For non-commissioned model approval certificate must be approved by the provincial model can not apply for approval)

No test

Testing institutions: National Wireless Testing Center;
Detection of the purpose: radio testing center after passing the test, access to radio transmission equipment model approval;
Detection cycle: test and report an urgent need for 10 working days, approved for 10 working days, a total of 20 working days;
Test items: frequency band GSM900, DCS1800 RF performance, conduction spurious emissions, radiation spurious;
Detection basis: YD1214-2006, YD1215-2006, YD1032-2000;
Test content:
(3) power control; ⑷ radio frequency output modulation spectrum; ⑸ conduction spurious emission; ⑹ peak phase error; ⑺ maximum average power; ⑻ sudden time power relationship; ⑼ RF output switching spectrum; ⑽ static Reference sensitivity. ⑾ radiation spurious emission
Test prototype: 6 (with battery and charger)
Test accessories: fake battery 2; RF test line 1 (need to mark the attenuation compensation value);
Test data: ① approved radio transmission equipment model application form 1; ② submitted to the sample technical confirmation form 1; ③ GSM mobile phone battery statement 1; ④ technical manual 3 (with color) ⑤ user manual 3;
testing cost:
Note: Modification machine without commissioning test to be provided when the machine and prototype technology manual, color photos of the three; no need to prototype the need for radio frequency spurious test.

Current network (simulated network) test

Detection Agency: Beijing Transmission Research Institute
Detection of the purpose: to test the phone and the various manufacturers of the base station compatibility and communication effects.
Detection cycle: 15 working days
Test items: trial
Detection basis: MTNeTGF038
Test content:
(4) compatibility with different mobile communication operators; (5) communication test in urban areas, suburbs and suburbs; (6) communication test; (3) communication test; (3) communication test; (7) Test the communication effect in fixed, low speed and high speed mobile; (8) Test the communication effect for a long time in mobile; ⑼ GPRS service test (MTNET).
Test prototype: 2 (with battery and charger);
Prototype requirements: business and functional normal, long-term communication effect is normal
Test data: ① equipment inspection confirmation 1 copies ② technical manual 1 (with color); ③ user manual 1;
testing cost:
Note: ① current test prototype to be sent 10 days in advance to the Beijing Institute of Transmission test; ② modified machine does not make the current network test.

Certification Center Approval

Testing Organization: Ministry of Information Industry Telecommunications Equipment Certification Center (referred to as "Certification Center")
Detection purposes: random sampling of a prototype, with access to the conditions of telecommunications equipment into the network after the inspection notice, and notify the inspection agency to the certification center to receive prototype and inspection notice.
Detection period: 2 days
Prototype requirements:
① 12 samples should meet the EMC \ Tell laboratory requirements;
② a prototype with a complete packaging: mobile phones, chargers, batteries, data lines, headphones, brochures, certificates, warranty cards, after-sales service information, drivers (if) and so on.
③ each prototype should be: charger, battery, certificate, IMEI stickers
Test items: prototype packaging, the basic function test, take pictures to stay, sample inspection accepted.
Test prototype: 12 mobile phones, with batteries and chargers, and a prototype with a complete package.
Test data: ① telecommunications equipment into the network license application form 1; ② mobile phone characters and logo, including the switch when the characters and patterns appear ④ mobile phone color photos 1
Note: 12 samples should be sampled at the same time to meet EMC, Ter Laboratories testing requirements.

Send sample preparation

EMC laboratory testing project

Testing Organization: Communication Metering Center
Detection of the purpose: to test whether the electromagnetic compatibility of the sample in line with national and industry standards, and issued a test report.
Detection period: 15 working days (modified machine 7 working days).
Test items: EMC (harassment test, immunity test), SAR (specific absorption rate), safety performance test.
Detection basis: EMC: YD 1032-2000,
Safety performance: GB 4943-2001.
SAR: Measurement method of electromagnetic radiation for electromagnetic communication terminals.
(4) AC radio frequency interference induced disturbance of disturbance; (5) Surge (impact) immunity; (6) Radiation continuous harassment; (7) Electrostatic discharge (1) Radiation disturbances; (2) Radiation disturbances; Anti-immunity; ⑻ rapid transient pulse group; ⑼ DC radio frequency sensor induced disturbance disturbance immunity; ⑽ voltage sag and short-term interrupt immunity; ⑾ safety performance test. Electromagnetic radiation performance (SAR).
Test prototype: 6 sets (packaging intact, consistent with the market sales of products)
Test accessories: RF test line 1, fake battery 2, without copper platinum PCB test strip 20, the shell base of 20, the phone shell, LCD lens, press the keyboard of the 4 sets;
Test data: ① terminal equipment registration form 1; ② safety device list and material list 1; ③ electromagnetic compatibility components list 1; ④ charger CEMC certification ⑤ modified machine need to provide modified machine, prototype technical manual Each 1, color photos of the 3; ⑥ modified machine user manual 1;
testing cost:
Note: Test accessories and test data are provided to the certification center at the same time when the prototype is delivered

Thiel Laboratory Test Project

Testing institutions: China Tel laboratory
Detection of the purpose: to test the sampling of radio frequency performance and audio performance is lag in line with national or industry standards, and issued a test report.
Detection period: 15 working days (modified machine 7 working days).
Testing equipment: business and function, GSM900 / DCS1800 band GSM radio frequency performance, audio test, environmental adaptability test, life test, battery performance, charger safety, GPRS radio frequency performance;
Detection of: business and function, environment, life, audio performance, RF performance: YD / T1215-2006; Battery: GB / T18287-2000 Charger: YD / T965-1998
Testing and content: ⑴ packaging performance, appearance and assembly; ⑵ 900MHZ frequency radio frequency performance; ⑶ environmental adaptability test; ⑷ battery performance; ⑸ GPRS business and functional testing; ⑹1800MAZ band GPRS radio frequency performance; ⑺ business and functional testing; 181800MHZ band RF performance; Test; ⑽ charger security; ⑾ 900MHZ band GPRS radio frequency performance; ⑿ audio performance test
Test prototype: 6 sets (packaging intact, consistent with the market sales of products)
Test accessories: RF test line 1, battery 7; headset 1; data line 1; memory card 1; and other
Test material: ① equipment profile 1; ② modified machine need to provide technical manual 2 (prototype, the modified machine 1), color photos 3 (prototype, the modified machine 3);
③ modified machine to provide a user manual; ④ audio test conditions that 1 copies.
testing cost:
Note: Test accessories and test data are provided to the certification center at the same time when the prototype is delivered.

Into the network license certificate

Processing agency: Ministry of Information Industry Telecommunications Authority acceptance center.
Processing period: 10 working days

(MTNET) test report; ⑤GCF statement (FTA test report); ⑤GCF report

Modification machine network considerations

1) Modifier does not require MTNET (current network) test;
2) Modification machine EMC test project, Ter test project according to the identification of the decision to change, the general modification report will give the need to test the project;
3) Modification machine to be submitted to the "telecommunications terminal equipment modification declaration form" and modification instructions (technical changes);
4) modified mobile phone modified mobile phone identification notice for identification notice for:
Agency: Telecommunications Equipment Certification Center;
Test prototype: prototype, one of the modified machine, with batteries and chargers;

Required information:

① a copy of the declaration form (with changes to be part of the comparison photo)
② change the 8 items that 1 copies
③ prototype machine, modified machine technical manual 1 (with color);
④ User manual 1 copy.

 5) modified mobile phone identification report for:
Agency: EMC, Teller Laboratory;
Processing period: 15 working days
Test prototype: EMC, Terl laboratory prototype, the modified machine 1, with the battery and charger (a total of 2)
Required accessories: fake batteries, RF test line 1;
For details: After the approval of the modified mobile phone, the certification center will issue a modified mobile phone identification notice to the Tail Labs and EMC Testing Laboratories, EMC and Taier Labs to carry out the retrofit identification test, Identification report.
6) modified identification approval: EMC Tyler modified after the adoption of the test, the enterprise to the certification center to submit EMC, Teller laboratory issued by the modified mobile phone identification report, approved by approval, you can change the mobile phone network (follow-up and prototype Machine the same)
7, no manual: technical manual prototype, the machine of the three, the color of the three copies, the user manual of the 1; Tell, EMC: technical manuals prototype, 1 of the modified machine, User manual 1 copy. In addition to the above 7 points, the other processing processes are consistent with the requirements of the prototype network.

CCC certification

Certification: China Compulsory Certification. China Censorship.
Certification cycle: 5 business days
Required information: ① compulsory product certification application 1; ② safety components list 1; ③ charger CEMC certification; ④ technical manual 1 (with color).
Certification Description: 3C certification and into the network license is independent of the two recognized the process. 3C certification to obtain EMC inspection report, the charger CEMC certificate before processing.


Such as the appearance of the model and switch machine screen with special characters or patterns, please advance with the test and certification department to determine whether to allow the use;
For the already sent samples, you need to change the appearance of the phone (including characters, graphics, buttons, etc.), need to re-send samples;
For the sample has been sent, you need to change the equipment model, you need to re-send samples.
Non-mobile custom phone, the appearance of silk screen and open, shutdown interface does not allow "MO, CHIAN MOBILE" and other related words and LOGO.
To move the customized version of the mobile phone network, must get with the China Mobile

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