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Hong Kong OFCA Certification

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In Hong Kong, the TA has consulted the telecommunications industry to specify the technical specifications of the telecommunication equipment in the form of HKTA specifications. The development of technical specifications is mainly for the implementation of electrical safety, to prevent interference, network compatibility and network interoperability. A local certification body or an overseas certification body approved by the TA (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "certification body") may grant a certificate to a telecommunications equipment that has been identified and conforms to the relevant technical specifications.

The Hong Kong Telecommunications Equipment Identification and Verification Scheme aims to regulate the identification and verification of telecommunications equipment, including radio communications equipment for use in Hong Kong and user premises equipment connected to public telecommunications networks.

The Hong Kong Telecommunications Equipment Identification and Verification Scheme includes the following sections:

A, verify the requirements of the classification;

B, approved testing agents;

C, grant a certificate;

D, label arrangement.

The OFTA certification is a short name for the Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority's certification program for communications products in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Telecommunications Regulatory Authority provides that any telecommunications equipment that has been tested and complied with the relevant technical specifications and which is licensed by the Board may be sold and used in Hong Kong. From February this year, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) has officially become a certification body authorized by the Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) and has provided certification services to telecommunications equipment used or sold in Hong Kong on behalf of the Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority.

Shenzhen has become one of China's largest communications industry base in recent years, the annual production of mobile phones, cordless phones, walkie-talkies, base stations and other communications products output value of more than 200 billion yuan, and a huge export of telecommunications products. According to the relevant sources, only last year, Shenzhen mobile phone production on more than 200 million more.

Hong Kong Productivity Council, according to this cooperation, Shenzhen mobile phones, base stations and other telecommunications products in Shenzhen to complete the Hong Kong area for telecommunications products, special mandatory certification requirements (OFTA certification), the fastest two weeks to get into Hong Kong " License ", the time is shorter than before.

As a national CNAS accredited laboratory (CNAS L7649) and the Hong Kong OFCA Testing Laboratory, DePuhua can provide enterprises with testing services that meet the standards of Hong Kong's OFCA certification. Senior engineers are allowed to test and report on the testing and certification. Please contact customer service consultant 400-1800-162 consultation.

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