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Taiwan BSMI Certification

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Taiwan BSMI certification profile

BSMI is the abbreviation of the "Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection" of the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. According to the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs announcement, from July 1, 2005 onwards, to enter the Taiwan region to implement electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulations in two aspects of regulation. The Taiwan Standards Laboratory (BSMI), under the leadership of the government's economic sector, develops product inspection specifications for electrical and electronic products entering the Taiwan market and requires products to comply with safety, EMC testing and related testing before they can be authorized to use the BSMI logo The BSMI certification is a mandatory product certification, it is EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and SAFETY (safety) are required. BSMI certification is usually valid for 3 years, however, BSMI is currently no factory inspection, but must act in accordance with the provisions of the Bureau. Therefore, BSMI certification model is: product inspection + registration supervision.
BSMI certification mark

BSMI certified product catalog

If your product is within the following range, you need to apply for verification to expand the domestic market:
Electrical products (such as household electrical appliances), electronic products (such as information equipment and entertainment audio and video equipment products), mechanical products (such as power tools category equipment), Chemical products (such as tires and toys);
NO.2, Voluntary Marks (CNS MARK): Industrial products, building materials, wires, household appliances, steam locomotive parts, industrial raw materials, or competitors have been on the product character;
NO.3, voluntary product certification logo (VPC MARK): security important components, digital machine box, lamp holder, battery charger, limited use of hazardous substances, lithium batteries, vehicle electromagnetic compatibility, sports and fitness equipment.
BSMI certification need to prepare the information

NO.1 application
NO.2 A copy of the applicant 's certificate
NO.3 related technical documents
- Product appearance
- parts certificate
- Product circuit diagram
-User manual in Chinese
BSMI certification application

There are currently three ways to apply:
First, the type of recognition includes two:
NO.1 type approval (EMC + Safety), from January 1, 2004 from 178 kinds of electrical and electronic products need to apply for such recognition. Applicable standards: EMC + Safety, the required documents are available (product type approval application, company or factory license, test report, technical documents for electromagnetic compatibility: photos, labels, parts with electromagnetic interference, block diagram And the use of manuals and safety technical documents). Certificate valid: three years, can be extended once.
NO.2 EMC type approval (to replace the original EMC application), from November 1, 2002 onwards enforcement. Applicable products: 61 electronic and electrical products only EMI requirements, 124 electronic and electrical products only EMI + safety report (if the product has safety requirements). Applicable standards: only EMI. Documents to be provided are (Electromagnetic Compatibility Type Approval Application, Test Report, Technical Documents: Photos, Labels, Electromagnetic Compatible Parts, Block Diagram and User Manual).
Second, the certification registration
Enforcement date: Not yet announced. Applicable standards: EMI + safety regulations. Documents to be provided are (product type approval application, company or factory license, test report, technical documents for electromagnetic compatibility: photos, labels, parts with electromagnetic interference, block diagram and manual and safety technology Document, declaration of conformity).
Certificate valid: three years, can be extended once
Third, the declaration of conformity
Enforcement date: January 18, 2002. Applicable products: 19 kinds of information technology equipment components. Applicable standards: CNS13438 (ONLY EMC. Documents to be provided are (Declaration of Conformity, Test Report, Technical Documents: Photos, Labels, Components with Magnetic Interference, Block Diagram and User Manual).
For electronic and electrical products, the Bureau of Standards to provide three kinds of application methods are as follows:
NO. 1. The Declaration of Conformity applies only to the parts of some information technology equipment (please refer to the product description of the Standard Inspection Bureau website).
NO.2, by the product cost manufacturer to decide to apply for certification registration or type approval.
NO.3, the difference between certification registration and type approval is:
Inspection method: If the product has been approved by the type, the customer's inspection will be simplified. For the application for certification of registered products, customers do not check, take the market random sampling method.
Cost difference: The application fee for certification registration is higher than the form approval. But also to charge an annual fee, type approval does not charge an annual fee.

BSMI certification factory inspection

Do not need to audit

BSMI certification cycle

Regular for 3-5 weeks, can be expedited, urgent need to pay another fee.

Shenzhen BSMI certification agency

(SIS) as a professional authority of the third party testing agencies and BSMI certification agency, not only has an independent laboratory and a group of experienced BSMI certification engineers, but also for our customers to provide a full range of BSMI certification services , The company signed a mutual agreement with a number of countries, and issued by the report (or certificate), in line with Taiwan testing standards, to eliminate your product export trade barriers. If you have relevant BSMI certification test requirements please call us 400-1800-162, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company.


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