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Brazil ANATEL Certification

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Brazil ANATEL certification profile

Brazil ANATEL is the Brazilian National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for telecommunications products for the certification, the certification of mandatory and voluntary certification of two. The approval process is the same for Brazilian domestic and foreign products. If the product is subject to mandatory certification, the test results and reports of the product must be consistent with the rules and regulations adopted by ANATEL. The product must be certified by ANATEL before it can be put into sale.

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ANATEL certification benefits

Certify that the quality assurance indicators of the products manufacturing enterprises (services, work) are in line with the relevant provisions of Brazil;
Standardize domestic and foreign enterprises in the Brazilian commodity market business, installation, use and other activities;
To help consumers effectively choose the same quality products (services);
To a certain extent prevent bad manufacturers (dealers) fraud consumers;
To ensure that the use of the product itself or installation, work and other processes on the environment, life, health, property and other safe and sound;

ANATEL certification process

1, consultation, negotiation, price determination
2, the contract signed
3, the applicant to submit certification "application"
4, received the advance payment, we send engineers to send factory-related training, product testing and evaluation. Develop certification procedures and certification methods for this product.
5, because the certificate / authorized holders (importers, manufacturers) must be legally confirmed by Brazil; including business licenses, including certification documents.
6, due to the use of manuals, installation guides and warning signs must use the Portuguese, the initial review and confirmation.
7, the engineer to carry out the necessary review of the relevant factory system, the product related to the form of test report to review.
8, your company in accordance with the requirements to provide test samples, we arrange the test.
9, product testing qualified, usually ANATEL will send a factory audit, such as no problem. Usually within 1 month to get the relevant ANATEL certificate.
10, to guide the production of product identification card, such as: the card should contain the following information: ANATEL logo certification number (bar code); manufacturer name; manufacturing year; model; serial number;
11, ANATEL certificate in Brazil after the record, the certificate authority of the certification after the product, production, quality system performance (parameters) will be necessary to monitor, it may be designated engineers to regularly from time to time factory audit. But up to once a year.

ANATEL certification requirements

ANATEL announced that all products in the list require certification;
1. Authorized holder (importer, manufacturer) must be legally confirmed by Brazil;
2. Type I * is valid before cancellation, the other two types of * valid for two years;
3. The use manual, installation guide, and warning signs must be in Portuguese. Other documents can use English;
4. The product must have an identification card, the card should contain the corresponding requirements of the information.

Shenzhen ANATEL certification agency

(SIS) as a professional authority of the third party testing agencies and ANATEL certification agency, not only has an independent laboratory and a group of experienced ANATEL certification engineers, but also for our customers to provide a full range of ANATEL certification services , The company signed a mutual agreement with a number of countries, and issued by the report (or certificate), in line with Brazilian testing standards, to eliminate your product export trade barriers. If you have relevant ANATEL certification testing requirements, please call us at 400-1800-162, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company.
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