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GEMS Certification

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Introduction to GEMS Certification

Australia and New Zealand have issued the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Bill (GEMS) in order to improve the energy efficiency of electrical and industrial (residential, commercial and industrial) products and enhance significant economic and environmental benefits. And with effect from 1 October 2012. The new GEMS regulations cover not only the key policies of the past: mandatory minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), energy efficiency labeling (ERLS), and equipment energy efficiency programs (E3), and to expand energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas Emissions and enhance the efficiency of energy use in the category, to guide enterprises and consumers throughout the product life cycle to run the lowest cost point of view, to make the best choice.
With effect from 1 October 2012, Australia and New Zealand will be certified by ENS certification for energy efficiency certification to replace previous Australian energy efficiency MEPS certification. GEMS certification is a mandatory certification, the products within the control must have GEMS certification can be sold in the market, and the applicant must be registered for the local Australian companies.
GEMS certification mark
GEMS certified product range

GEMS certification of the current products are:
Compact fluorescent lamps, ultra low voltage converters, double fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamp ballasts, incandescent lamps, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, external power supplies, televisions, digital set-top boxes, electric water heaters, air conditioners and heat pumps, three-phase motors , Household refrigeration equipment, refrigeration tower / precision air conditioning, commercial refrigerators, showcases, distribution transformers, etc.
GEMS certification process

The first is to select the product to test, the test based on the standard and the original MEPS certification consistent, in general, as long as ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to provide test reports can be recognized;
The second step is to submit a test report and other information for GEMS registration, data review will be obtained after the GEMS certification. The new GEMS regulations have new requirements for registration, applicants can not select a single state to register, but unified to the Australian Regulator to register, and according to the product category, the registration period of 5 years.
GEMS certification information provided

1.Application form and authorization letter
2. The product label contains the corresponding authentication flag
3.Product Photo
Countries that require factory inspections are usually required, but are usually acceptable for CIG 023 plant inspection reports
GEMS certification cycle

A test report was issued by Depp was tested for 1 week. Login takes 2 weeks.
Shenzhen GEMS certification agency

(SIS) as a professional authority of the third party testing agencies and GEMS certification agency, not only has an independent laboratory and a group of experienced GEMS certification engineers, but also for our customers to provide a full range of GEMS certification test Services, the company signed a mutual agreement with a number of countries, and issued by the report (or certificate), in line with Australian testing standards, to eliminate your product exports to Australia trade barriers. If you have the relevant GEMS certification test requirements, please call us at 400-1800-162, we sincerely welcome you to visit our company.
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