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Are smart switches and smart sockets required for CCC certification?

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For the smart socket products, the applicable standard for the GB 2099 series of standards, is the CCC certification within the scope of the product, the product of the electronic control part of the required standards according to their random assessment (such as GB 15092.1), so whether it is intelligent wall outlet, or Intelligent converter, extension cord socket products are products within the scope of the CCC directory, to meet the requirements of their respective standards and access to CCC certificate before the factory sales (in conjunction with the relevant provisions of the Notice No. 3, 2016).

For intelligent switch products, which belong to the category of electronic switches, electronic switches also include common sound and light control switch, the body sensor switch, touch switch, etc., the application of such products GB 16915.2, the standard is not in the CCC certification directory Applicable to the scope of the standard, so these products can not be CCC certification. For such products enterprises can apply for CQC logo certification, product certification category 003011.

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