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Smart watches into the day cat Mall need to pass which certification?

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According to Lynx Mall News:
Smart phone category with a mobile phone call function (referred to as: watch mobile phone) commodity brand qualification review, because each phone in the Chinese market to enter the legitimate sales must participate in network certification (referred to as CTA certification) and mandatory product certification (referred to as CCC Certification), so in order to protect the interests of consumers, to ensure the quality of platform products, Lynx Mall will add "smart equipment - smart watches" category with mobile phone features to review the brand, all such products (watch mobile phone) Must be forced to enter the network license and mandatory product certification, if the audit does not pass or overdue not submitted, cancel the unapproved by the brand business license.
The audit information to be submitted includes:
1. Telecommunications equipment into the network license (CTA certification);
2. China's national compulsory product certification (CCC certification).
Specific review process, details of the consultation Lynx Mall.
If such customers do not apply for telecommunications equipment into the network license (CTA certification) and the Chinese national compulsory product certification (CCC certification), can call 400-1800-162 consulting Division I handle.
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