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Interpretation CE certification manufacturers can self-declaration, why do you want to get certification bodies to do certification?

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      Presumably we have just entered the test / certification industry, there will be such a question, since the CE certification manufacturers can self declaration, why do get the certification body to do certification, why spend this money?

First, let's take a look at what is CE certification.
      We have a search engine search CE certification can be very detailed introduction, here is not a detailed explanation. Simply talk about the most important part.
      CE certification is a mandatory certification of the EU, but also the most basic certification. Into the EU products must be affixed to the CE certification mark in order to sell in the EU market, otherwise it can not enter the EU market. (Of course, GS certified products can also be sold in the EU market, and GS certification in the EU market is very product persuasive, but the GS is not mandatory certification, but voluntary certification, with the United States UL Certification)
      CE certification There are many instructions, such as LVD instructions, EMC directives, RTTE instructions, MDD instructions and so on. Specific we can go online to understand. At present, basically all the laboratory will have CE certified business, it can be said that many laboratories are from the CE certification began, and slowly bigger and then apply for other qualifications. For the export of the EU manufacturers, if the quality of their products is not very high, then generally only CE certification. That manufacturers why not declare their own (the so-called self-declaration, that is, when the export of their own products in the brand name affixed to the CE mark) and to get the testing agency to apply for CE certification? Mainly the following:
1, can reduce the relevant economic losses. If the product in the EU market in the event of the relevant security issues, or customs checks found that the relevant security issues lead to the product needs to be returned, or the EU fines, so the manufacturers may require the testing agency for partial compensation, because the detection mechanism Qualified CE certification report. Of course, the testing agency is only responsible for the sample at the time of the inspection, and not responsible for all the products behind it, so if the factory only to get the certificate when the sample is sent carefully, and the back of the sample in order to earn more More profits and not in accordance with the sample submitted to the same test, then it can not find the testing agency compensation.
2, manufacturers do not understand the knowledge of certification, and self-declaration takes a long time If the manufacturer wants to declare itself, then the manufacturer needs to follow the relevant standards to test, and prepare a full set of technical documents, including test reports, instrument specifications, instrument calibration certificate, product brochures, circuit schematics and quality control files and so need to prepare Good and save for 10 years, if the EU needs, need to be promptly sent to the EU to know the announcement of the agency to review, through the approval of these agencies will be issued by the CE certificate to the manufacturers. So this is not only the need for manufacturers to understand this piece of certification, and commissioned by the testing agency to apply will spend a lot of time. For the time is the money of the boss, this is absolutely not allowed.
3, the requirements of EU buyers. This may be the most important reason. Because the testing agency if the right to issue a CE certificate, it shows that the testing agency is the EU's certification body, has been recognized by the European Union, the EU announced a total of more than 2,000 institutions in the EU's official website are published, We are interested in the words can go to check. Therefore, the general EU buyers are only recognized by the testing agency issued a report, does not accept the manufacturers of self-declaration. And some require high buyers also only received ITS, TUV, SGS and other well-known foreign detection agencies report. Which led to the manufacturers must be commissioned by the testing agency to apply.
      Basically, these three points lead to manufacturers will generally commission the testing agency (such as Deppu Hua test) to apply for CE certification.

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