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Analysis of the new EMC standard EN55032 in the European Union

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      The new EMC testing standard EN55032 will be enforced on March 5, 2017, formally replacing EN55013 (Audio and Video Equipment (AV) EMC standards) and EN55022 (Traditional Information Technology Equipment (ITE) EMC standards.

EN55032 set up background
      Today's multimedia devices, both from the technical configuration point of view, or from the use of functional point of view, are presented a comprehensive trend, can not be classified as a simple information technology equipment or audio and video equipment. Therefore, in the product testing, usually need to consider the EN55013 and EN55022 two standards. In this context, EN55032 came into being.
      Due to the integration of technology, the prevalence of cross-border, many devices have been clear in the end is audio and video products or information technology equipment, the new can cover information technology equipment (ITE equipment), audio and video equipment, broadcast receiving equipment, entertainment light control equipment Or the combination of the above criteria, will effectively ensure that such products in the launch test evaluation on the consistency.
      From now on, if you want to sell multifunctional information technology or multimedia products to Europe, you can no longer use EN55022 / 24 and EN55013 / 20 these four standards, the new unified launch and immunity standard EN55032 has been Added to the EU Official Gazette (OJ), EMC Directive 2004/108 / EC has long incorporated the new standard EN55032.
EN55032 standard of the scope of application
      EN55032 standard for AC or DC rated voltage of not more than 600V of multimedia equipment, and multimedia equipment is information technology equipment, audio equipment, video equipment, broadcast receiving equipment, entertainment lights control equipment or a combination of the above equipment. Products that are within the scope of EN55013 and EN55022 are also within the scope of EN55032. The main purpose of the professional use of multimedia equipment is also within the scope of this standard.

This standard does not apply to tests that need to be installed at the product site.
The difference between EN55032 and EN55013 and EN55022
1, cancel the EN55013 in the harassment power and radiation power test;
2, for wide voltage products, the general test two voltage 230V (± 10V) and 110V (± 10V), the use of 50Hz or 60Hz frequency;
3, for the monitor, the PC needs to play with a moving element of the color bar signal;
4, for the broadcast receiver tuner port, requires testing the asymmetric mode conduction.
Harassment: EN55032 (CISPR32)
      EN55032 replace EN55022 (IT equipment), EN55013 (broadcast receiver and related equipment) and EN55103 (audio recording equipment). EN55032 was approved in December 2012 and contains CISPR32 + A1 + A2. At present it has been officially added to the OJ, which means that the manufacturer has been able to use, but the old standard still has a transition period until March 2017. In addition to the harassment power measurement is no longer allowed, all other limits and measurement procedures remain essentially unchanged.
Disturbance section: EN55035 (CISPR35)
      EN55035 will replace EN55024 (IT equipment), EN55020 (broadcast receiver) and EN55103 (audio recording equipment). EN55035 has not yet joined the OJ, currently can not let manufacturers use, but is expected to take effect next year, the same old standard transition period until 2017. At the same time we expect multiple measurements of the multifunction device to be no longer necessary in EN55035.
EN55032 (CISPR 32) and EN55035 (CISPR 35) main product range
1. Multimedia devices: information technology equipment (ITE equipment), audio and video equipment, broadcast receiving equipment, entertainment light control equipment or a combination of the above
2. Product scope covered by CISPR 13
3. The product range covered by CISPR 22


      EN55032 compared with EN55013 and EN55022 standard requirements have changed, it is recommended that customers understand the new standards in advance of the detailed test requirements, and according to the product export plan timely use of new test standards.


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