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LED lighting sampling problem is serious, please look for the national mandatory mandatory CCC certification

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      In recent years, LED lighting products have gradually become the mainstream of lighting products market. At present, the market LED lighting products manufacturers, brands, specifications, price differences, to consumers to buy such products caused some trouble.
      Recently, under the guidance of the Consumer Council of Guangdong Province, Foshan City, the Consumer Council on the LED series of small ball bulbs, downlights, ceiling lamps, lamps four categories of goods were 40 samples to carry out comparative tests. Test results show that: 40 samples, in line with the standard requirements of 17, 23 samples do not meet the standard requirements, the compliance rate of only 42.5%.
LED lighting detection rate is only 42.5%
      The staff of the Consumer Council in the Foshan market, the random purchase of LED series of small ball bulbs, downlights, ceiling lamps, lamps 4 categories of goods 10, a total of 40 samples. Sample prices range from $ 7 to $ 220. Brand includes Philips, Op, Foshan Lighting, NVC, handsome, etc., basically covers the mainstream consumer products.
      According to the safety performance indicators that consumers care about, according to the relevant national standards for the sample in the "structure" "anti-electric shock protection" "Blu-ray hazards" and other 31 projects were tested test results show: 40 samples, meet the standard requirements of only 17 Section, 23 samples do not meet the standard requirements, with a rate of 42.5%.
LED ball bulbs only three into the standard
      According to the relevant national standards, seven project tests were carried out. The results showed that all the three samples were in compliance with the requirements of only 3, with the rate of 30%. They were: Foshan Yue Lighting Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Lighting Co., Ltd., Huizhou Leishi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. There are 7 samples of some or all of the project does not meet, do not meet the rate of 70%, namely: Jiangxi Zhongguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (trademark: Zhongguang), Foshan City, Blue Arrow Electronics Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City Poole Lighting Co., Ltd. (Trademark: Jin extension lighting), Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province Jindian lighting electrical plant, Zhongshan City, the United States and the United States lighting lighting factory, the Shenzhen City Green to Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhongshan City, The In particular, Shenzhen Green Technology Co., Ltd. to produce the sample, all seven test items do not meet the standard requirements.
LED downlight only two into the standard
      Respectively, 10 samples of the eight items were tested, the results show that: 2 samples are all in line with the existence of some of the eight projects do not meet the standard requirements, the compliance rate of only 20%. (Trademark: FSL) and Guangdong Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd. (trademark: three male aurora). (Trademark: JUNON), Jiangxi Aoqi Si Technology Co., Ltd. (trademark: OUTRACE), Zhongshan Commodities Lighting Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Guzhen Chijin Lighting Factory (trademark: Xinfeng Ying ), Foshan City, Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. (trademark: Gefee grid Hui), Foshan City, the new Shuai Shuai Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., Foshan City Grasshopper Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (trademark: Grasshopper CAO MENG), Zhongshan City to Ka Lighting Co., Ltd. a total of 8.
LED ceiling lamp compliance rate of five percent
      According to the relevant standards, respectively, 10 samples of the eight items were tested, the results show that: 5 samples meet the standard requirements, compliance rate of 50%, of which 3 in the comparison project outstanding performance, namely: Foshan Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. limited Company (trademark: FSL), Zhongshan Lei Shi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Op Lighting Co., Ltd. (trademark: OPPLE), there are two poor performance in the comparison project, namely: Guangdong Langneng Electric Co., Ltd. and Foshan City Star Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (Trademark: DIT lighting), Guangdong Junlang Matsuda Electric Co., Ltd. (trademark: JUNON), Zhongshan Guzhen Yuppu Lighting Appliance (trademark: Dieter lighting), Guangdong Junlang Matsuda Electric Co., Ltd. (trademark: JUNON), Zhongshan City, (Trademark: Daxiang light), Zhongshan City, cross bar town Hyun Hao Lighting Co., Ltd. (trademark: a US special lighting).
LED lamp 70% of the standard
      According to the relevant standard requirements, respectively, 10 samples of 8 items were tested, the results show that: all meet the standard requirements of seven samples, of which five samples in the comparison project outstanding performance, namely: Zhongshan City, Bai Liwei Lighting (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (trademark: PHILIPS), Op lighting (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Leishi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (trademark: nVC) Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City Guangyang Electric Co., Ltd. (trademark: crown Ya) ), There are two samples in the comparison project poor performance, namely: Guangdong Taierer Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Electric Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (trademark: Panasonic). There are three samples of some projects do not meet the standard requirements, namely: Zhongshan City Xianghui Lighting Lighting Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, as Li Kang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. (trademark: as Li Kang), Foshan Shunde Zhen surplus Electric Co., Ltd. (Trademark: light as treasure).
Consumer reminder: look for national CCC mandatory certification to avoid Blu-ray damage to the retina
      The LED series of goods to compare the total compliance rate was only 42.5%, non-compliance rate of up to 57.5%. The results show that the quality of the series of goods uneven, there are some security risks. The Council believes that the main reason for this result is that the LED lighting industry technical threshold is mainly concentrated in the upstream chip manufacturing and packaging, downstream products in the field of technical content is not high, low entry threshold. In recent years, the lighting industry as a whole technological transformation, the emergence of a large number of domestic production and processing of finished products mainly small and medium enterprises, the formation of homogeneous low-cost competition. Some small and medium enterprises choose low quality materials and components, making the overall quality of LED products decreased, increased security risks. Guangdong Province Consumer Committee jointly Foshan City Consumer Council issued the following consumer tips:
1. Check mark. LED downlight, ceiling lamp, table lamp these three products, are national CCC compulsory certification products, CCC certification is the basic security of these products, according to relevant national laws and regulations, the product must pass the certification in the market. Since October 2016, the state has requested that the LED bulb must correctly identify the energy efficiency rating on the product packaging. Consumers to buy, we should pay attention to identify whether the corresponding product packaging CCC certification mark and energy efficiency labeling.
2. Look at appearance. Select the LED lighting products, to check whether the product packaging is complete, logo is neat, manual specification is detailed; view specific products, concerned about the product materials and wiring, such as cover smoothness and light transmission uniformity, wire material, Layout neat and so on.
3. Heavy parameter. To achieve a more comfortable lighting effect, home use LED bulbs and lamps, should choose the color temperature 5000K the following, color rendering index of more than 80 LED products. LED table lamp is more stringent, should choose 4000K and below, color rendering index of more than 82 LED products. Consumers to buy goods, pay attention to product packaging and physical labeling of the relevant parameters, according to functional needs, pay attention to lighting quality, buy the right goods.
4. Concern for eye safety. In order to avoid strong glare, it is recommended that consumers try to buy with a frosted lighting products. In particular, LED lamp, is a close range of lighting, such as product design is not scientific, it will produce dazzling light, with the eyes comfortable and safe.
5. Avoid Blu-ray hazards. LED chip blue component is relatively high, will have a greater impact on the retina. National standards, general lighting LED products to ensure that Blu-ray hazards for non-hazardous level or low-hazard level. Especially for children to choose LED lighting products, the best choice to mark no harm level of the product. This information can be found on the product packaging, consumers should pay attention to the purchase.
6. Keep the voucher. Consumers to buy the goods to the best of the large shopping malls, supermarkets and professional stores to buy, it is recommended to buy brand awareness, reputation good products, refused to "three no" goods, retention of shopping vouchers, quality problems, timely maintenance of their own legitimate rights and interests. (Source: Guangdong Daily News)

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