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GCF Certification

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GCF certification concept

GCF is the abbreviation of Global Certification Forum, the Chinese translation is the global certification forum, is an international organization. Its members consist of 142 operators, 33 terminal manufacturers, testing organizations and test equipment suppliers. The GCF organization coordinates the standards for mobile conformance testing, defines the test system used to ensure that the phone meets the network deployment, and all member operators agree to the test system. In other words, GCF approval means that all member operators are recognized the phone, in the future can be no additional testing.

At the same time GCF also recognized test cases and test systems. The purpose of GCF is to ensure the global interoperability of the terminal through an independent certification process, namely: "Tested Once, Accepted by All". GCF plays a very important role in 3G conformance testing. This is because the 3GPP only developed the relevant test specifications and organizations to prepare a unified test case, but did not carry out the consistency test, how to carry out the consistency test, test compliance standards and so on. The GCF undertook this part of the work. GCF set a series of milestones for conformance testing, developed test cases, planned platform certification processes, and end-product certification registration processes.

But the GCF does not engage in any testing, but to a third party testing agency (such as DePuhua test) for testing. GCF GSM / UTRA Working Group, Application Development Working Group, Field Test Working Group and Ad-Hoc Working Group These working groups meet once every three months to test the test results, test cases and test systems will be recognized at the same time. When the industry's test cases and test systems meet the various milestones of GCF, the industry's consistency testing for end devices is really starting.

GCF approval means that all GCF operator members are recognized. GCFC requirements for WCDMA terminal certification test WCDMA terminal certification test, the terminal must first clear the terminal to support what features and features to form the option table, and then on the basis of the 3GPP core standard, the option table to decide what kind of GCF should be selected CC test standards, objectives and methods, and the formation of test requirements table. At the same time, according to the option table and 3GPP test standards, the laboratory will develop a consistency assessment table to reflect the consistency between the terminal and the corresponding test standards; of course, the focus of the assessment is the appropriate test methods and test purposes.
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